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Zendesk is a comprehensive customer service and engagement platform that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It's designed to improve customer relations and enhance business efficiency by providing intuitive solutions that cover a wide range of customer service needs. Its core functionality includes ticketing, customer support, and engagement tools that help companies provide proactive, personalized service across various channels, such as email, chat, phone, and social media. Zendesk also boasts features like a robust knowledge base, community forums, and chatbots, among others.

Zendesk's functionality can be significantly expanded and personalized with the help of applications from the Zendesk Marketplace. These third-party integrations and add-ons serve to enhance the productivity and efficiency of businesses using Zendesk tools. By enabling deeper customization, greater automation, and more nuanced analytics, these apps help businesses tailor their customer service approach to better suit their unique needs.

Take, for instance, an app that enhances communication by integrating multiple channels into one interface. Such an app can help service agents respond to inquiries more quickly and accurately, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. There are also apps that provide advanced analytics capabilities, giving businesses deeper insights into their customer interactions. This could lead to improved service strategies and better understanding of customer behaviors and trends.

Other apps automate repetitive tasks, freeing up agents to focus on more complex customer issues. For instance, an app could automatically categorize tickets based on specific keywords, assign them to the most appropriate agent, and even suggest potential responses. This not only improves productivity but also ensures that no ticket goes unattended.

Another way the apps improve productivity is by integrating Zendesk with other business tools, like CRM, marketing automation, or project management platforms. Such seamless integration creates a unified workspace, preventing data silos and improving coordination across different departments.

In summary, the Zendesk Marketplace is a reservoir of productivity-boosting tools. The apps it hosts, designed to complement and enhance the inherent functionality of Zendesk, are essential for businesses looking to optimize their customer service workflow and provide outstanding customer experiences.

How to access Zendesk Marketplace?

Accessing the Zendesk Marketplace and installing an app is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Zendesk account: Start by logging into your Zendesk account. Make sure you have admin privileges since only administrators have the right to install new apps.
  2. Access the Admin Interface: Click on the "Admin" gear icon usually located at the lower left part of the page.
  3. Open the Zendesk Marketplace: From the Admin interface, select "Apps" then "Marketplace" to access the array of apps available.
  4. Search or Browse for Apps: In the Marketplace, you can either browse the available apps by categories or use the search bar to find a specific app by name.
  5. Select an App: Click on an app that you're interested in to view its details, including its functionality, pricing, and user reviews.
  6. Click Install: If you decide to proceed with an app, click the "Install" button usually located on the right side of the app’s page.
  7. Configure the App: During the installation process, you might need to configure the app based on your preferences or needs. Some apps may require an API key or other credentials.
  8. Complete the Installation: Click "Install" to complete the process. The new app should now be available in your Zendesk interface.

The Zendesk Marketplace hosts a diverse range of apps, some of which are free, while others are paid. There are also apps that offer a freemium model - free to install with limited features, and an upgrade to the full feature set is available for a fee.

Free Apps: These are applications that are free to install and use. They often serve specific purposes and offer standard functionalities that can augment the capabilities of your Zendesk platform. These apps may be developed by Zendesk itself, by third-party companies, or by independent developers.

Freemium Apps: These apps are free to install and offer a base set of features at no cost. However, to unlock more advanced features or capabilities, you would need to upgrade to a paid plan. The freemium model allows you to test the app and determine whether the premium features are worth investing in.

Paid Apps: These are premium applications that require payment upon installation or offer subscription-based pricing. Paid apps typically offer more sophisticated features, capabilities, or integrations that can provide significant enhancements to your Zendesk experience. They are often developed by professional software companies and come with customer support for the app.

Regardless of the type, each app in the Zendesk Marketplace has a clear indication of its pricing model on its detail page, so you know what to expect before installing. Review these details carefully to ensure the app fits within your budget and meets your specific needs. Furthermore, consider the long-term value the app can bring to your customer service processes - an app that comes with a cost could provide a significant return on investment by increasing efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, or reducing service time.

Best Zendesk Apps in the Marketplace

Nanonets Zendesk Answerbot

Discover this innovative Zendesk answerbot, powered by NanoNets Workflows. The answerbot revolutionizes the handling of Zendesk tickets, providing swift responses, leveraging information from your website in the Zendesk database, and delivering a seamless workflow by updating tickets in Zendesk, all contributing to a personalized Zendesk chatbot experience.

The answer bot learns from your website pages, Zendesk articles, and past zendesk ticket communications. It listens for new Zendesk tickets. Whenever a new zendesk ticket comes, it generates a response using its knowledge base and either responds to the ticket automatically or provides the response as a suggestion to your support team members.

Take a look at this demo to see how it will work.

In the following steps, we will guide you through the process of setting up your personalized Zendesk answerbot:

  1. Sign Up: Begin by heading over to and sign up.

2. Fast Workflow Setup: To facilitate a quick setup, we provide a prewritten prompt. Just click on generate to create your workflow instantly.

3. Account Authentication: Authenticate your Zendesk account to provide the answerbot with access to your existing Zendesk database.

4. Website and Zendesk Database Scanning: Allow approximately five minutes for the bot to scan your website pages and zendesk database. This scanning enables the answerbot to familiarize itself with your online presence and zendesk communications, to generate relevant responses.

5. Knowledge Accumulation: While the bot is scanning your website, it's also learning from your Zendesk help articles and past tickets. This provides the chatbot with a comprehensive knowledge base for crafting future responses.

6. Workflow is Live!: After your new workflow companion is set, you'll receive a notification in your email inbox. This means your workflow is now live. It will update new tickets in zendesk with suggested responses visible only to your internal team members.

You can also test, retrain or pause your workflow.

  • Test Run: Get started with a test run by selecting any Zendesk ticket. The chatbot will then draft an insightful response and discreetly add it to the Zendesk ticket, visible only to your team.
  • Continuous Learning: Keep your chatbot updated and sharp by regularly retraining it with fresh website data and Zendesk entries.
  • Pausing the Workflow: If at any point you need to pause the automation, you can simply delete the workflow.

Currently, this workflow is available for early access. With NanoNets workflows, you can start automating any manual task simply by typing a straightforward prompt in human language.

The world of NanoNets Workflows is massive, offering workflows compatible with thousands of apps and turbocharged by internet browsing and AI capabilities. The Zendesk answerbot, powered by Nano Nets, is designed to handle the mundane, providing your team with the freedom to concentrate on tasks that truly matter. Welcome to a world where technology meets productivity, enhancing your operations and maximizing efficiency.

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Email Tracking

The Email Tracking app for Zendesk revolutionizes the way you handle your customer emails by providing a suite of features designed to optimize your email management. This app eliminates the uncertainty of customer engagement with your emails, ensuring that you never have to wonder, "Did the client open my email?" again.

With Email Tracking, you gain insight into the email habits of your clients, tracking the exact time each email is opened. This capability allows you to identify active email users and better understand what fuels their engagement. Moreover, you can customize the app to your needs and track not only emails but also links and replies. The app is designed to save you money by allowing you to manage your subscription flexibly, paying for actual usage rather than a fixed agent count.

Among the unique features of the Email Tracking app are:

  • Viewing read receipts: You can obtain accurate information on when your emails or links were opened, allowing for precise tracking of customer engagement.
  • Automated tracking: Once set up, the app does all the tracking work for you, enabling you to analyze the data and identify leads for follow-ups. The tracking feature is also available from the Agent Workspace, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflow.
  • Link tracking: This feature allows you to monitor which links were opened by recipients, giving you deeper insight into customer behavior.
  • Selective tracking: You can disable tracking for specific tickets, users, or organizations if needed, giving you the flexibility to respect client preferences.
  • Ticket organization: The app enhances ticket organization by creating custom fields and tags with 'seen' and 'unseen' values. This allows for the creation of separate views for read and unread tickets, aiding in the efficient handling of customer information.
  • Real-time notifications: The moment an email is opened, the app updates a custom field connected to the ticket and adds a corresponding note. With push notifications enabled, you'll be informed at the exact moment your email was opened.
  • Performance analysis: The app offers in-depth performance reports to help you understand how your replies perform, identify the most effective macros, and track bounce and open rates across the company.
  • Historical data: Email Tracking retains and displays the full history of email opens, tracking each time your emails were opened by the recipient. This feature also shows if the ticket was read via desktop or mobile device, aiding in message optimization.
  • Time optimization: Based on open and reply rates, the app suggests the best time for agents to reach out to customers directly in the ticket menu, maximizing the chances of prompt responses.
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA: The app ensures compliance with regulations by not tracking email opens for recipients in the European Union or California if the respective setting is toggled on.
  • Access Control Management: This feature allows you to differentiate the access of each agent to the app's features, ensuring appropriate usage and security.
  • IP address hiding: The app automatically hides your IP address to ensure accurate tracking and can add more IP addresses to the blacklist as needed.

In addition to these features, Email Tracking offers a transparent and flat fee structure with no hidden costs or obligations, a one-click installation process that requires no additional forms, and friendly customer support available to assist you at any time. All these features and benefits make Email Tracking an indispensable tool for any organization seeking to enhance their email management capabilities.

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The JIRA app for Zendesk is a compelling and robust tool that brings together the forces of your support and engineering teams, fostering a high level of collaboration and streamlining workflows in a seamless manner. This powerhouse of an app provides a unifying platform where your teams can conveniently link Zendesk Support tickets directly to a JIRA issue whenever a development issue crops up. This bridging feature ensures that critical information is shared across different departments, thereby promoting interdepartmental collaboration and making it virtually effortless.

Diving into the heart of the JIRA app, we find a rich array of features that elevate it from a mere tool to an essential asset for any organization.

  1. No Bug Left Behind: At the top of the list, we find the feature that ensures that no bug is left behind. This feature equips support teams with the ability to easily escalate and directly link Zendesk Support tickets to JIRA issues. This means that the engineering team is kept in the loop and promptly informed about any bugs that could potentially be impairing the customer experience. What's more, this feature provides real-time updates on the resolution of the issue, accessible from within the comforting confines of your Zendesk Support account. This integration of communication ensures a smooth transition from problem identification to solution implementation, with all parties kept informed every step of the way.
  2. Holistic View of Issues: Next up, we have the feature that offers a holistic view of customer conversations related to an issue. This is an invaluable asset for engineers as they can access all the information they need without having to leave the familiar terrain of JIRA. They can also collaborate with the support team directly to resolve issues, thereby cutting down on the time spent switching between tools and platforms. This consolidation of information and communication channels leads to a significant enhancement in the efficiency of your operations.
  3. Complete Control of Data Sharing: Flexibility is a key attribute of any tool worth its salt, and the JIRA app does not disappoint in this regard. It offers complete control over data sharing, allowing you to customize the Zendesk Support for JIRA to precisely fit your team's workflows. This means you can pick and choose the JIRA information you want to display in your Zendesk Support account. In addition, you can share tags from Zendesk Support to JIRA, adding another layer of integration between the two platforms. This feature underscores the app's commitment to providing a truly personalized and customizable experience.

The JIRA app's impressive credentials are further underscored by its popularity among Zendesk users, as evidenced by over 12,500 installs. The app, which bears the seal of quality from Zendesk itself as its author, is currently at version 4.0.6 and is offered completely free of charge. These details serve as testament to the value that the JIRA app brings to your Zendesk environment.

In conclusion, the JIRA app for Zendesk is more than just a tool – it's a comprehensive solution that masterfully bridges the gap between your support and engineering teams. It brings about a tangible enhancement in the overall efficiency of your workflows and ensures a more effective resolution of development issues. But the benefits don't stop there – the superior customer experience delivered by this app is another feather in its cap. With its user-friendly installation process, free availability, and a rich suite of powerful features, the JIRA app is an indispensable asset for all Zendesk users.

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Video Reply

The "Video Reply" app for Zendesk is a comprehensive tool that gives customer support a personal touch by enabling video messages. These video messages can replace conventional textual responses in tickets, adding a visually engaging element to your support process.

Here's what you can do with Video Reply:

  1. Record Videos: Record video messages from your PC screen or from your PC camera. These recorded videos serve as a more engaging response format compared to plain text, enhancing customer engagement and comprehension.
  2. Build a Video Library: You can build a video library filled with elaborate tutorials or solution demonstrations. All the videos you record are automatically saved into this library. This means that you can attach the necessary clip from the library to any ticket without having to record the same thing every time.
  3. Share Videos Between Agents: The app has a feature that allows you to share videos between agents. If agents need to record one operation several times, this feature can be a great time saver. Once a video is shared, it becomes available in the video library for everyone, promoting collaborative work among the support team.
  4. Measure Performance: With Video Reply, you can measure the performance for a specific video or for a group of videos. The app provides detailed reports to analyze how well your videos work. This data-driven approach helps you understand what's working well and what could be improved.
  5. Download Videos to Your PC: If you need to have one of the videos on your computer drive, Video Reply has got you covered. You can easily find the recorded video in your library and download it with just a click of a button.
  6. Request Videos from Customers: Video Reply enables you to send a request to customers asking for a screen recording. This can be particularly useful when the customer's issue is complex and might be better understood through a visual demonstration.
  7. Organize Videos Using Tags: The app allows you to use tags to sort your content, making it easy to use and share. This feature enhances the organization and accessibility of your video content.
  8. Create Branded Previews: The app also enables you to create branded previews, adding a professional touch to your videos.

In conclusion, Video Reply is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance your customer support by adding a personal and visual touch to your responses. It's not just about answering customer queries; it's about demonstrating solutions, explaining complex procedures, and sharing knowledge among your team in a more engaging, effective, and time-saving way.

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Dialpad is an innovative app that transforms business communications by blending traditional telephony and modern digital communication. It is designed to streamline and simplify all modes of communication, making it easier for businesses to connect with their customers, stakeholders, and teams. Dialpad's integration with Zendesk takes this a step further, tying together customer service operations into a single, cohesive system that promotes efficiency and responsiveness.

One of the key attributes of Dialpad is its intuitive user experience. Unlike many traditional business phone systems which can be clunky and complicated, Dialpad offers a consumer-like usability that is accessible on any device. This feature-rich platform was built by the founders of Google Voice, ensuring a high standard of quality and reliability. The intuitive nature of Dialpad means that agents can quickly and easily make calls, reducing the time needed for training and allowing for a smoother customer interaction process.

Dialpad is more than just a phone system; it's a global platform that integrates voice, video, messaging, and meetings. This multi-faceted communication tool is available in over 60 countries, allowing companies to maintain a consistent level of communication no matter where they or their customers are located. This global reach is vital in today's interconnected world, where businesses are increasingly operating across borders and time zones.

One of the most impressive aspects of Dialpad is its Rapid Deployment Engine. Leveraging the power of modern cloud architecture, Dialpad enables businesses to quickly set up new support centers, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and remote agents. This speed and flexibility can be crucial in a rapidly changing business environment, where being able to quickly respond to new challenges or opportunities can make a significant difference.

Dialpad's integration with Zendesk brings several benefits, such as:

  • Faster Dialing: Dialpad allows you to place calls directly within Zendesk, eliminating the need for desk phones or additional apps.
  • Automatic Ticket Creation: Zendesk automatically turns calls and voicemails into tickets, facilitating easy record keeping and issue resolution at the end of each call.
  • Integrated Customer Data: With Dialpad, you can view customer information and ticket history inside the app. You also have the ability to create tickets directly from the Dialpad apps.

In conclusion, Dialpad offers a comprehensive, versatile solution for business communications. Its blend of traditional and digital communication, combined with a global reach and rapid deployment capabilities, make it a strong choice for businesses of all sizes. The integration with Zendesk further enhances its functionality, providing a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly way to handle customer service tasks and communications. Whether you're a small business just starting out or a large corporation with offices around the globe, Dialpad and Zendesk together offer a powerful toolset to enhance your customer service operations.

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Proactive Campaigns

Proactive Campaigns is a powerful add-on for Zendesk Support that enables you to streamline your email marketing activities directly from Zendesk. This robust tool empowers you to send mass email campaigns, manage follow-ups, deliver better customer service by reaching out to customers at the right times, and even track link openings with the help of the Email Tracking feature.

Proactive Campaigns is an ideal alternative to Zendesk Connect, which was discontinued, and it offers a host of features that will help boost your Zendesk email marketing. Some of the standout capabilities of Proactive Campaigns include:

  1. Zendesk Customer Lists: This feature allows you to filter the customer database and create your Zendesk mailing list based on one or multiple criteria. You can use tags, custom fields, and standard fields to filter the right users and group them.
  2. Ticket Lists: You can segment your audiences by tickets and send out personalized Zendesk proactive tickets to targeted lists in selected tickets.
  3. Contact List Sharing: The app allows you to make your lists public to share them with other agents across the subdomain. This eliminates the need to create a list with the same criteria to send a different message.
  4. CSV User Import: Proactive Campaigns enables you to import a specific list of contacts into the plugin when creating Zendesk campaigns. To ensure the relationships between your contacts’ info are preserved, a field mapping feature is provided.
  5. Bulk Ticket Creation and Ticket Management: Once you've launched the email campaign, Proactive Campaigns will automatically start raising tickets on customers’ behalf and deliver them as emails. You also have the option to update existing tickets instead of creating new ones, delete all tickets in bulk after emails are sent, or even send campaigns without ticket creation, which helps to avoid ticket overflow.
  6. Email Formatting: You can add Zendesk-allowed formatting to your email body with the Rich Text Editor and Source Code Editor. Additionally, you can upload attachments up to 40 MB in size to any of your emails and add default or custom email templates.
  7. Feedback and Ratings Collection: The app allows you to create feedback and ratings to get insights about your product or service. After launching such a campaign, customers can provide their feedback or rate your company, and Proactive Campaigns will collect their replies and compile them into a list or pie chart.
  8. Scheduling: You can set a specific time and date for your campaigns.
  9. CCs and Alias Addition: The app allows you to send an email copy to someone apart from the recipient. You can also type an alias to run the campaign on behalf of another person.
  10. Custom Ticket Assignment: You can easily select who should be in charge of all the tickets created during the campaign.
  11. Background Campaigns: You can run a few campaigns even with closed tabs, letting Proactive Campaigns send emails while you go about your day.
  12. Automatic Response Tracking: Replies from your customers will be automatically picked up by Zendesk. All information is kept in one place and can be found via automatically created tags.
  13. Report Page: The app allows you to analyze the whole email performance to see your strengths and weaknesses.
  14. Integration with Email Tracking App: Proactive Campaigns can be used together with Email Tracking for better results in email marketing. This combination allows you to see how many emails were opened and the exact time of opening, check extended statistics and use device tracking, send follow-up messages not only for those who didn't reply but for those who opened your emails or not, and track link opens.

Proactive Campaigns offers a trial period so you can try the app without any doubts. It's a dynamic tool that can significantly enhance your Zendesk emailmarketing capabilities, helping you to reach your audience more effectively and efficiently. Whether you're a small business just starting with email marketing or a larger organization looking to optimize your campaigns, Proactive Campaigns could be a valuable addition to your toolset.

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Nanonets Workflows - Create any Zendesk App within seconds

With Nanonets Workflows, you can actually start automating any manual task by typing a simple prompt in human language.

Creating a zendesk app using Nanonets Workflows is easy. Simply converse with the tool by typing in your prompt in the chat box. The tool spins up a workflow within seconds, and you can test and make it live instantly. Nanonets Workflows are compatible and can integrate with thousands of apps and are supercharged by internet browsing and AI capabilities.

Automate manual processes in your business teams. Let Nanonets Workflows handle the mundane, freeing your team to focus on what truly counts.

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