Count people in a crowd using aerial images

Crowd Counting has several applications for the manufacturing and construction businesses where they need to maintain high standards of safety compliance to make sure their employees do not face any health hazards and the company doesn't face any reputational risk. These tasks are mostly done via human supervision where a person goes around the sites multiple times a day, making sure all the workers and employees are complying with the safety rules. This process can be automated to a great extent with Nanonets.

Manual Inspection

Manual inspection of such sites is an extremely inefficient process for several reasons.

  1. The sites are huge in area and can require several such supervisors.
  2. Each supervisor is expected to do multiple shifts during a day.
  3. Many times, the supervision is weak and calamities happen anyway, owing to supervisor absence, lack of supervisor attention and fatigue.

Factories, construction sites, warehouses etc assign responsibility to individuals to ensure safety of their co-workers along with someone monitoring several camera feeds for safety risks among other things. It is difficult to look through several cameras at all times for just one person and hence requires multiple people working shifts, making it an expensive process.

Inspection with Nanonets

With Nanonets, you can automate the process of detecting people in camera feeds of prohibited areas or areas where people beyond a certain number can't be present at once. These crowds can get an automated instruction on the closest speakers to leave the site. The people can be tracked as well, for the supervisors to know the defaulters. The number of human supervisors required reduces drastically as well. The video feeds can be recorded and stored for future use.

The Nanonets API

The Nanonets API provides high speeds and accuracy in detecting people in an area. The API can be used to

  1. Detect people in prohibited areas.
  2. Identify people in prohibited areas.
  3. Automate warning triggers depending on safety risks.
  4. Automate surveillance during non-working hours.

The Nanonets Impact

With Nanonets, companies were able to automate safety mechanisms and create efficient response mechanisms. Automating crisis management was made easier which led to lesser casualties and a safer work environment. They were also able to detect defaulters easily, identify them and reduce the number of people breaking rules because of the same. Schools and businesses were also able to automate attendance by using crowd counting along with identification.

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