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Below is an application demonstrating car detection in aerial images using NanoNets API.

Click one of the drone images in bottom to detect cars in them. Optionally upload your own aerial image with cars.

Upload your own image

Models we offer

Fault Detection

Automate and accurately detect faults or cracks on your machinery within your infrastructure - detect, classify and report.
Cover large areas in a quick turnaround time

Applications in :
Factories, Wind & Solar farms, Power infrastructure, Bridge, Tunnels, etc.

Why Nanonets?

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Less Data

One of the primary problems in building Deep Learning models is not having enough labelled data to be able to train models. We reduce the data needed by 10x using Transfer Learning

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Expert Annotators

We provide in-house annotators that have multiple years of experience working with aerial images. They will ensure that your images are labelled with high precision and consistency to better aid model training.

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Pre-trained Drone Models

Re-training traditional pre-trained object detection models like Mobilenets and ResNets are not well suited for drone images. Our pre trained models have been trained using a large and diverse dataset of aerial images.

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Customized Models

Every NanoNets model is made for just one company, YOU. We do not have anything that is built for a general use case. This enables us to build highly customized models.

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By sharing our GPU costs across users we get much better utilization and hence our services are much cheaper then self hosting. Not to even compare to costs of humans performing these tasks.

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Easy to Integrate

Nanonets has a super easy to use API that integrates with whatever your backend and front end are written in. It usually takes a couple of lines of code to drop in. Even our self hosted solution works with a single line.

How it works


Step 1

Upload Images

Nanonets allows users to train a model to detect custom objects specific to their need. 100 images minimum.


Step 2

Create categories & Annotate

Add categories and annotate the objects to be detected on the images uploaded. 100 annotations per category minimum.


Step 3

Train your model

Sit back & relax for a few minutes while we're training your model. We'll shoot an email to you as soon as it's ready.


Step 4

Test & Integrate API

Query the cloud API to predict results on a test image. For more accuracy, add more data. Integrate into your product with a couple of lines of code.

Build your first model for free!

Place upto a 1000 API Calls for 7 days. Pay as you go later.
We offer a fully managed solution that you can run either on your premises or on our premises.


  • Starts from $399 per month
  • Usage based pricing
  • API and On-Premise options


    Models with
    API Calls

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