What is NanoNets?
NanoNets is a web service that makes it easy to use Deep Learning. You can build a model with your own data to achieve high accuracy & use our APIs to integrate the same in your application.

What can I do with NanoNets?
Currently we support 2 use cases in our Production Environment:
Object Detection - Drawing a bounding box around an object in an image. Input: Image, Output: Bounding Boxes.
Image Classification - Tagging an image as a particular class. Input: Image, Output: Tag

We also have 2 other use cases in Beta:
Image Similarity - Gives a measure how close 2 images are to each other. Input: 2 Images, Output: Similarity Score
Text Classification - Assigns a particular tag to a piece of text. Input: Text, Output: Tag

We also work with companies to build custom use cases. Share your data with us and we will be happy to build a Deep Learning application for you.

Why should I use NanoNets?
NanoNets makes it easy for you to solve AI problems using Deep Learning. We solve 4 key problems: 1. We reduce the amount of data it takes to build Deep Learning models.

2. We take care of the infrastructure for hosting the model for both training and for run time after the model has been trained.
3. We significantly reduce the cost of running Deep Learning models by sharing infrastructure across models
4. We make it easy for anybody to build Deep Learning so that the technology is more accessible

What sectors can NanoNets be used in?
NanoNets is sector agnostic. We have worked with customers in Healthcare, Agriculture, Social Media, Ecommerce, Finance and Insurance just to name a few.

How do I get started using NanoNets?
You can start building your model at app.nanonets.com

How much does it cost?
It’s free to use for developers (limited to 1000 queries for the API per month)
For companies it’s priced at $0.01/API call

What accuracy can I expect?
Accuracy of the model depends on the following factors:
1. The amount of data
2. The number of classes/tags/objects in the problem
3. The complexity of the problem (How distinct the classes are from one another)
4. How close the training data and the testing data are to each other

After you add your data we provide an interface for you to improve the accuracy of your model.

Can I download the model or run this on my own Infrastructure?
We allow you to download a docker image to run the model on your own infrastructure. It is charged at a flat fee of $99/month for each image. One image can only be run on a single device. It needs an internet connection to run. Do you have an enterprise offering?
Yes we do. We build high performance custom models for enterprises, with agreed SLAs. You can contact us on sales@nanonets.com

Are you guys hiring?
Yes we are. You can check out open positions and apply here

Where are you based?
We are based out of San Francisco, USA
We have a second office in Mumbai, India

Do you share my data with other customers?
No. We never share your data with any other companies.

What technology does NanoNets use?
We use Deep Neural Networks exclusively. Our stack in the backend uses Golang, Python, Cassandra, Mysql, Tensorflow, Caffe, Torch, Keras, Theano, Elasticsearch and Docker all of which is hosted on AWS

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