Does the model learn from verified data?

With Nanonets, you can retrain your model from time to time so that your model learns from its mistakes and from the new templates that you see each month. This model learning is also called as model retraining. 

How many free retrainings do you support? 

We support 5 retrainings for free on the Pro Plan, and 2 on the Starter Plan. We charge $50 for each additional retraining. 

How can I retrain the AI model using verified data? 

Steps - 

1. Click on the Extract Data screen once you have opened the Model you want to retrain. 

2. Verify atleast 10 files. 

3. Click on "Improve Accuracy"

4. Your model should be retrained in 45 minutes! 

Can I retrain the model using the API?

Yes. Refer:

Can I retrain the model with additional data I receive from my vendors but has not been verified on the UI? 

Yes. Steps - 

1. Upload this data on "Train Model" screen 

2. Hit on "Request for Annotations"  

3. Nanonets will verify your data and get back to you 

4. Hit on "Train Model" button on the "Train Model" screen 

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