I want Nanonets to extract data from my email attachments? Is it possible?

Yes Nanonets can extract data from your email attachments. 

Here are the steps:

1. Find your input email address: First Nanonets supports  email as an input. Go to Extract Data in your model and click on Upload files and the popup that opens choose "Email" an input, you'll see this screen:

This email id <Model-ID>@inbound.nanonets.com takes your email attachments as an input

2. Setup email forwarding: Go to your email clients and setup an email forwarding filter/rule. I use Gmail and here's how I can do it:

Let's say any email to finance@nanonets.com which has an attachment get's forwarded to the particular forwarding email address I've added.

And you're done. Next time an attachment comes to that email address in your inbox, it will get processed via Nanonets and we'll extract all the data.

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