What is Model Versioning?

This feature is only available on the enterprise tier. To get access to this feature reach out to info@nanonets.com and we can help you get setup.

Model Versioning is a feature that allows you to create multiple versions of the same model and test which version works best for your goals for your model. 

Using model versioning you can create multiple versions of the same model at the same time - by retraining with additional data, adding additional fields etc.

You can test each to see which version suits your needs the best. You can switch between them very easily.  While you test one using the UI it won't  affect the version you have in production (via API). This ensures that you have enough time to test a version, and that there is no downtime when you switch from one version to another. You can also download Docker images for whichever version you chose.

Here is a quick video on how you can use it in your account -

Sounds interesting? Schedule a call with us to discuss more or reach out to us at info@nanonets.com.

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