Ensure compliance with hygiene and safety norms using AI

Nanonets APIs integrate with your existing security
cameras to help you better manage your facilities remotely

Recognised by

Protect your brand's
reputation and ensure
customer safety

Features Include

Detect hairnet, apron & gloves

Observe activities like mopping, sweeping & wiping

Detect cleanliness in key areas like table surfaces & bain marie counter

We use activity recognition to
Identify Human Behavior for crucial jobs
like mopping, wiping, dusting in
helping you better manage your facilities.




Clean kitchens make healthy food.

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Yes as a matter of fact we support all major brands of security cameras like Hikvision, Dahua, Reolink, HDview to name a few.
Using on-premise deployment we offer real time recognition.

We understand the sensitive nature of this data and have stringent policies. You can read more here : Privacy

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