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Connect data sources like e-mail, Google Drive etc with the API. Our API directly feeds data captured into your CRM/WMS/DB

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We process over 2M images each month. Our products are GDPR compliant & can also be hosted on premise for additional data security

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Used by Fortune 500 companies. Reduce processing cost from $1 to $0.1, & TAT from days to minutes. AI continues to improve with time & data

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Reduce Data Entry errors from invoices, switch to NanoNets AI

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Maximise BackOffice RoI with an AI assisted UI

The AI assisted UI captures invoice information and displays it on the screen for Verification. Reduces data entry from 3 minutes to 30 seconds per invoice. Maximise ROI for your business!

Case Studies

Case Studies & Reviews on how Customers have benefitted from NanoNets

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  • Invoice OCR in Insurance

    How Nanonets OCR API helped a large Insurance company eliminate the need for manual reviews of claims and invoices, reducing inspection costs by 50%.

  • Invoice OCR for an RCM Major

    How Nanonets API helped a global Healthcare RCM company process 7 times their current invoice volume with reduced costs

  • Invoice OCR for Lending Company

    How Nanonets assisted a large Alternative Lender to automate data extraction from loan verification documents such as invoices, W2, paystubs, achieving accuracy of 92%


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial of the invoice OCR tool?

Yes, you can signup on the NanoNets platform and start using the invoice OCR tool for free. First 100 invoices are free.

Can I extract more fields?

Yes, you can do that in multiple ways -

  1. You can train a custom model to add new fields using your data for free.
  2. You can request us to provide you a custom model with additional fields.

Do you also have an API?

Yes, we provide both API integrations and custom workflows?

Can I also extract line item information?

Yes, that is possible on our paid plan

How is the product priced?

Please visit to check pricing.

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