NanoNets for Media

Manage and Inventory Images

Automatically extract meaningful information from images and store them along with the meta data. Maintain rich semantic information for all of your images. Easily search sort and sift through them.
Store your entire image inventory in a logical manner with easy retrieval and access. Dump all of the content to NanoNets and let us take away all of the hassle of storage and organization.

Filter Content

Use NanoNets to set custom rules for what content is allowed on your platform. Teach the model to filter images based on examples. You can teach it custom rules like allowing images only with faces or blocking content that is NSFW or only accept content that has text. You can keep adding content you would like to block.

Extract Information

Use NanoNets to extract information that is critical to your business from images. Use it to extract attributes and tags and answer key questions. Find out the type of news being reported or the weather in an image or the person present in the image.

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