The Machine Learning API

Assign custom tags to your Images and Products.

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Extract rich attributes and tags from your images to enrich your search database. Make sure that every search query returns the most relevant results to your users. Increase Revenue by driving higher conversion from search.

Elongate customer session and increase retention by always showing the most relevant content. Extract rich metadata to improve your recommendation in both your product pages and your home page.

Neatly catalog and maintain your image library. Use state of the art technology to make sure you can always find the content and surface the right content when you need it.

Increase Search Engine visibility and drive higher traffic. Assign rich metadata to product pages making sure they are the top search result. Pick the top keywords and instantly find all your products matching those criteria.

Define your own custom tags or use one of our 15,000 tags.

3 Ways to Use Nanonets

Nanonets makes it super easy to use our models across devices and platforms


Use our API with the programming language of your choice (Python, Javascript, Java, .....) and leave the infrastructure management to us. Query the API once or 1 Million times a day and only pay for what you use.


Download our model as a docker binary and run it on your own infrastructure. Our docker models come in two flavors, GPU and CPU and can run on almost any platform including embedded devices.


Download our Mobile SDK for iOS or Android and integrate with your app. Run the model on every users device and make an inference instantly. Our models for mobile are ultra optimised for performance.

Case Studies

Furniture Search and Recommendation

Nanonets APIs to identify and tag furniture in an image. Boost your revenue and user engagement using Nanonets APIs to enable search and recommendation on your website.

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