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Validate data labels


Download predictions

  • Upload your invoices as PDFs or images onto the Nanonets platform

  • Extract and validate fields predicted from the uploaded invoices - invoice number, due date, total, vendor name/address, etc from a total of over 20 fields that we support

  • Download the predictions as a CSV file or integrate the output with downstream applications like SAP, Sharepoint, Quickbooks, etc

Why Nanonets?

Accounts payable automation

Integrate with your existing accounts payable ERP and billing solutions like Sharepoint, SAP, Quickbooks and others.

Table line item extraction

Using the latest in artificial intelligence, our OCR engine can extract values from table line items such as item name, quantity and amount

Multi-language support

OCR invoice support for over 60 languages (check the entire list here)


Feed in the corrections on the invoice predictions to re-train a custom model to enable continuous improvement

Fast response (10x faster than human data entry)

Automate account payable processing by reducing data entry times by upto 10x

No template setup

Using AI we handle invoices that don’t follow specific formats/templates to bring automation to your accounts payable processes.

Run Nanonets OCR On-Premise

Offline Invoice Data Extraction
Using docker, we enable our customers to run our invoice data extraction models on premise as part of our enterprise offering. Perfect for customers that deal with highly sensitive data that they don’t want leaving their cloud/offline infrastructure.

Case Studies

Banking and finance
Learn how a large North American bank was able to cut down time to process wire transfers by over 75%
Alternate Lending
Learn how Nanonets API helped reduce costs by 70% for a large Alternate Lender in North America

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