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For individuals or those looking to try out the platform


Free forever
  • Process 100 pages
  • Limited fields
For teams seeking advanced tools and workflow setups for their growing business


Starts at $499/model monthly
  • Auto-capture line items (tables)
  • Upto 20 fields
  • Access Annotation services
  • Approval rules
  • Add collaborators from your team
  • $499/month includes processing of upto 5,000 pages. Overages are billed at $0.1/page
For organizations that need additional security and control to process data at scale
Talk to us to get an estimate and specify custom requirements for your business.
  • Everything in Pro, and:
  • SSO/SAML Login
  • SLAs
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Integrations and API Responses
  • Customized client onboarding
  • White-labelled UI
  • Custom Data Retention
  • Multiple Licenses Models and Workflows
  • Personalized 1-1 team training
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Billing$0Starts at $499/model/monthStarts at $20,000/year
Cost per page$0/page$0.1/pageCustom
Response timeSlowFastFaster with guaranteed response times
Number of fieldsLimitedUpto 20Unlimited
Auto-import from email
Tables or line items
Teams feature
Checkbox detection
Document classification
Signature detection
QR code detection
Custom response
Custom integrations
Guaranteed SLAs
SupportEmail support1-1 Dedicated support
SetupSelf-serve setupSelf-serve setupNanonets setup

Frequently Asked Questions

All the services are priced on a per page processed basis.
Free Plan - Upto 100 Pages are free on the Free Plan.
Pro Plan - It costs $0.1/Page on the Pro Plan.
Enterprise Plan - The prices on the Enterprise plan are completely custom and reduce with higher volumes.

We simply find the total number of pages processed. If you upload 1 PDF file with 5 pages, you will be charged for 5 pages. If you upload 5 PDFs with 1 page each, you will still be charged for 5 pages.

You will not be charged for anything during your free trial. This also comes with the understanding that you cannot exceed the limits that are being specified, i.e. there will be no facility for overages.

The Free Plan will permit you to use 3 models at most.

Artificial Intelligence really is intelligent but like us, it needs to see a few examples of the kind of work it has to do before it can do it to perfection. Image Labelling or Annotation is simply the process of labelling different items on the image and specifying what type of item it is so that the AI can learn more about it. On the Nanonets platform, we have provided a simple UI for this - all you have to do is draw a box over the item just the way you draw a box with your mouse when selecting multiple folders on your computer, and then select the item type from a dropdown menu.

Simply multiply the overage charges per page for your plan by the number of pages you processed in excess. For example, on the pro plan, if you processed 1000 pages extra, with overage charge per page being $0.1, you will be charged $0.1 * 1000 = $100 on top of your plan’s payment.

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