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Use Nanonets OCR to • Improve customer onboarding experiences • Reduce fraud • Reduce manual verification costs

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Why Nanonets?

On Premise

Use our on-device mobile SDKs or host Nanonets models on your own servers making sure that no sensitive data leaves your network

Language, Country & Format Support

With Nanonets OCR, you can quickly build an ID card model for any country, format or language in 15 minutes! It's as easy as uploading your data

Perspective Transformation

Build models that can work with tilted or angled images to get better use experiences

Fraud & Blurry Image Checks

Run image checks on ID cards as they are uploaded to make sure the information extracted is very accurate

Use Cases

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  • Passports

    Extract key fields from Passports such as Name, DOB, Passport No, Issue Date, Expiry Date to ensure smoother onboarding processes for your customers. Instead of manually filling or typing out forms from images, models built with Nanonets OCR can extract these fields within a few seconds

  • Drivers Licenses

    Although there might be 50 different formats of drivers licenses in your country, you can build a single generalized models with Nanonets OCR that extracts fields across all the formats

  • National Identity Cards

    You can easily build models with Nanonets OCR that extract info from National Identity Cards. Given a decent training dataset, they'll work across formats and languages. You can extract signatures, watermarks and photographs as well

  • Custom ID Card

    Do you need to digitize a custom format of ID Cards? You can build a model with Nanonets OCR that can extract these fields in 15 minutes! It's as easy as uploading your data after which your model will be trained and hosted on an API

Case Studies

KYC Automation
Automatically verify documents and extract relevant fields to cut costs and increase efficiency
Invoice Processing
Read invoices and extract relevant data from images to automate claims processing

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