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Use Cases

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  • Vehicle Occupancy Detection and Violation Detection

    Futuristic Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS) with 99% HOV2 lane and 96% HOV3 lane accuracy. This is customisable to other use cases such as LHT vs RHT driving violation, any lane rules violation, seat belt violation, driver cell phone usage violation. This can also be used in parking lots, bus stations, metro stations to ascertain demand and optimise schedules.

  • Shipping Container Inspection

    Container Recognition systems using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically extract information like container number, ISO number, seals, hazardous placards from container captured on CCTV cameras. This improves process efficiency and reduces manual errors for shipping inspection. Another use case is automated entry of containers into port.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

    Automatic license plate recognition system can be used for electronic toll collection. This image processing technology works well with handwritten, non standard number plates as well as parameters like color, type of vehicle to enable vehicle fingerprinting.

  • Vehicle Inspection

    AI inspection of vehicles can be used to detect and assess car damages like scratches, dents and classify them according to severity. This deep learning based car damage classification can be used to recognise damaged vehicles in use on highways for enforcement.

  • Asset Audit and Verification

    Automated auditing of assets on ground, for example electric scooters on rent for micro-mobility or verification of presence of helmets on bikes on returns, with photos taken from phone, can be enabled.

  • Real Time Car Parking System

    Automatically count the number of vehicles present in parking lot, get real time information of free spots left without any extra hardware. Execute ground surveys for capacity planning with lower cost.


Case Studies

Tolling and Enforcement Solutions (Indra)
How Nanonets assisted Indra to build a Vehicle Passenger Detection System for deployment at express lanes on US highways in order to automate electronic tolling and enforcement
OCR for India’s Largest Ports and Logistics Company (Adani)
How Nanonets assisted Adani to automate operations at shipping port gate to achieve cargo handling efficiency, eliminate human errors and shipping inspection of incoming containers

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