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Use Nanonets Object Detection API toidentify defects on parts in your production line

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APIs to access a trained model customised for your needs

How it works

Nanonets makes machine learning simple

With Nanonets the process of building Deep Learning models is as simple as uploading your data. No parameter tuning. No need to bother about finding the right infrastructure to host your models. Just show us a few samples that the model can learn from and wait for the magic. We build train and host the model so you just need to add 2 lines of code to your codebase and you're good to go.

Ready to use Models

Explore all our ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs

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  • NSFW Classification

    NSFW Content Moderation API for Images/Videos

  • Fashion Apparel / Accessories Detection

    Detect clothing, accessories and other fashion items

  • Furniture Detection

    Detect the presence and location of Furniture in any environment

  • Face Detection

    Detect the presence and location of human faces

  • Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Images

    Detect Pedestrians from Aerial Drone shots

  • General Tagging

    Our all inclusive Model that tags objects, scenes and more

  • Animals

    Detect the presence and classify type of Animal

  • Clothes

    Classify images with respect to cloth types

  • Gender

    Classify images with gender detection


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3 Ways to Use Nanonets

Nanonets makes it super easy to use our models across devices and platforms


Use our API with the programming language of your choice (Python, Javascript, Java, .....) and leave the infrastructure management to us. Query the API once or 1 Million times a day and only pay for what you use.


Download our model as a docker binary and run it on your own infrastructure. Our docker models come in two flavors, GPU and CPU and can run on almost any platform including embedded devices.


Download our Mobile SDK for iOS or Android and integrate with your app. Run the model on every users device and make inference instantly. Our models for mobile are ultra optimised for performance.

Scope of use across Industries

Case Studies

Human-powered high quality results for AI applications

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  • Solar Plant Inspection

    Nanonet's API allows for automated inspection of Solar Panels. We identify any defect in the panel reducing performance with severity, location and size. This can help companies easily maintain the performance of their solar panels.

  • Fault Detection In Wind Turbines

    Nanonet's can easily detect faults in Wind Turbines. Using our automated defect analysis, customers can cut down on cost of maintenance and inspection as well as greatly reducing turn around time.

  • NSFW Content Moderation

    Nanonets APIs to monitor and filter inappropriate images from your social website, app or platform. Review millions of images each day using Nanonet's accurate models on custom categories. Cut down manual review costs.

  • Parking Lot Study

    Nanonets APIs to count objects of interest in an image. Get accurate count of cars, animals, or other custom object within an image. Save time and cut down costs of manual image analysis.

  • Furniture Search and Recommendation

    Nanonets APIs to identify and tag furniture in an image. Boost your revenue and user engagement using Nanonets APIs to enable search and recommendation on your website.


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