Digitize documents, receipts and PDFs using OCR & Deep Learning

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Use cases

Menu Digitization
Transform food menus to structured data with names and prices. Reduce overhead costs in your onboarding pipelines by 90%
Invoice Digitization
Scan invoices and feed them to your software without manually typing any vendor info or line item information.
Meter Readings
Automate electricity meter readings, bike readings of delivery boys, odometer readings of cars.
Social Media
Wanted to know what users are posting via memes? Automate tag generation for images in your upload pipelines

Need to read number plates from cars or addresses from ID cards?

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The Nanonets OCR process

Transform unstructured, human-readable data into structured validated data


Begin the process by adding the categories of text you want to detect.


Upload 50 images of each text category you want to digitize.


Annotate your images by drawing bounding boxes around the text and typing out the characters.


Training your model takes 1-2 hours and you will be notified once it’s done.

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