Form Digitization

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Training Data
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What does the model do
Use OCR models to read text in images, find relevant fields from a document image, get rid of redundant information.
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How you can customize
Customize the model for your own use case and use template based or non-template based models depending on your needs and requirements.
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The Nanonets OCR Process

How to build your own custom OCR model









  • Begin the process by adding the categories of text you want to detect

  • Upload 50 images of each text category you want to digitize

  • Annotate your images by drawing bounding boxes around the text and typing out the characters

  • Training your model takes 1-2 hours and you will be notified once it’s done

Why Nanonets?

No manual setup

Nanonets OCR generalizes across many invoice formats. As opposed to traditional OCR technologies which require a lot of manual tooling and template creation, reduce post processing and turn around times.


Cut down the manual inspection time from hours to seconds using AI-powered automation. Analyze each image in milliseconds, maximizing the time for taking corrective measures which can also help increase throughput.


Deploy trained models on-prem using Docker images ensuring that your data does not have to leave your network or deploy models on our production optimized cloud instances for maximum performance.

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