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Custom Model
Driving License
StarterFor individuals or those looking to try out the platform
Custom Model
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  • Query 100 pages
  • Includes 5 fields
  • Includes 2 retrains
ProFor teams seeking advanced tools and workflow setups for their growing business
Custom Model
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  • Query upto 10,000 pages *
  • Extract Line items
  • Access Annotation services
  • Includes 5 retrains
  • Add team members

* Extra fields and retrains (Free for Trial)

$0.01 / field / page

$50 / additional retrain

EnterpriseFor organizations that need additional security and control to process data at scale
Custom Model
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  • Includes all the Pro Plan features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Integrations
  • Customized client onboarding
  • Personalized 1-1 team training
  • Multiple Licenses and Models
  • Access GPU Docker Image

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Monthly Cost$0$499Custom
Number of Pages10010,000Custom
Price for Additional field per Document$0.01Custom
Response TimeSlowFastFast
Free Retrainings2/Month5/MonthCustom
Additional Retraining$50/Additional RetrainingCustom
Teams Feature
On PremDocker Image
Custom Response
Guaranteed SLAs
Integration and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How are OCR models priced?

Every category added to an OCR model will be priced at $0.01/Field. Let's assume you've created an OCR model to detect Name, Address, DOB, License Number, Expiry Date from Drivers Licenses. Since there are 5 categories in this model, each Page will be priced at $0.01 * 5 = $0.05/image. So if you're on the Pro plan, you'll get 499/0.05 = 10,000 Pages.

What is a Field?

A field is one type of label or data type that you are looking to extract from a document. For example, if you're working with invoices and you need to extract the Total, Date, and Tax as the 3 different types of data, they would count as 3 separate fields. If you send us 4 pages it would count as 3 fields * 4 Pages = 12 fields.

What is Image Labeling?

We provide Image Annotation/Labeling services on our paid plans. We will label/annotate/ocr your data depending on which model you upgrade to.

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