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Nanonets can capture data from tables in any document - invoices, contracts, forms, bills of ladings, packing lists, invoices, insurance documents, and air waybills, and any other document in your business workflow.

No Templates Required

Nanonets unique machine learning describe any data that has a table-like structure, even if there are no explicit grid lines.

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Capture only the columns that are important to you in less than 40 minutes with Nanonets.

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The amount of data being collected is drastically increasing day - by - day with a growing business. Imagine you need to extract tables from Manually typing or even copy-pasting the values from documents can be exhausting and can take long hours to complete, significantly dropping the team’s productivity and focus. Manual invoice data entry and traditional OCR solutions are slow, expensive, and error-prone. With our Table Capture feature, no sooner have you sent tables as pictures to the computer than it extracts all the information and stacks them into a neat document. This saves an ample of time and is less erroneous. Our Table Capture feature can significantly boost your performance - and drastically reduce your time - and reduce accounting costs - when working with table structures of all formats.

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You can now capture fields such as Product Code, Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Line Total from tables in invoices automatically. Share a few images with us at and we'll share the results of the model with you. Alternatively, ask us to enable the feature for a free trial starting today!

Case Studies

Customer Stories

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  • Invoice and Claim Processing

    Reduce the time taken to process claims by 90% by automating invoice digitization using table extraction.

  • Spanish Receipts Processing

    Nanonets helps automate line item extraction from Spanish receipts for a Marketing Platform


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