Create custom Deep Learning models to detect a variety of objects in images captured by drones with minimal data & limited knowledge of machine learning.

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Super Powered APIs customised for your needs


Why Nanonets?

Customized Models

Every NanoNets model is made for just one company, YOU. Thus, we build highly customized models.


Sharing GPU costs across users means better utilization, making our services much cheaper than self hosting.

Easy to Integrate

Nanonets has a super easy to use API that integrates with whatever your backend and front end are written in.

Expert Annotators

We provide in-house annotators that have multiple years of experience working with aerial images.

Less Data

We reduce the data needed to build a Deep Learning model by 10x using Transfer Learning.

Pre-trained Models

Our pre trained models have been trained using a large and diverse dataset of aerial images.

Case Studies

Human-powered high quality results for AI applications.

Solar Plant Inspection

Nanonet's API allows for automated inspection of Solar Panels. We identify any defect in the panel reducing performance with severity, location and size. This can help companies easily maintain the performance of their solar panels.

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Fault Detection In Wind Turbines

Nanonet's can easily detect faults in Wind Turbines. Using our automated defect analysis, customers can cut down on cost of maintenance and inspection as well as greatly reducing turn around time.

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