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Search with Nanonets

Do more than just creating Searchable PDFs

Nanonets platform automatically parses through all the files using its advanced OCR and returns the files that contain the values you are looking for.
For example, say we have an invoice extraction model and search for text in an invoice, say a key, Nanonets returns all relevant documents for you.

To make searches more accurate, Nanonets lets you assign data types for values inside your information. For example, you have to filter PDFs
based on invoice dates and amounts. Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to identify data types and makes searches infinitely more structured.


Automation stories straight from our customers

Nanonets is a leader in OCR on G2
Summer 2022, G2 Crowd
Users Love Us on G2
4.9 Rating on Capterra
4.9 Rating on GetApp

Maryland based Remediation Contractor

Ryan Hess, Head of accounts payable

Building Smarter: ACM Services saves 90% time for its Accounts Payable Team with Nanonets Invoice Extraction

Expatrio uses Passport OCR

Expatrio Global Services GmbH

Tay Kim, Product operations manager

Passport to success: Expatrio achieves 95% reduction in time for Manual Data Entry with Nanonets OCR

In2 Project Management

Neil Betts, co-founder

In2 Project Management helps Water Supply Corporation save 700,000 AUD with Nanonets AI

Ascend Properties

David Giovanni, CEO

Growing exponentially:The Accounts Payable team is 5x more efficient with the automation and optimization Nanonets provides


Saifuddin, Product Manager & Catherine, Financial Analyst

Nanonets' direct integration with SAP helped SaltPay automate a crucial part of their Accounts Payable process

Tapi Property Maintenance Software

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager

Tapi is processing invoices in seconds instead of hours through Nanonets AI which has helped them reduce Accounts Payable cost by ~70%

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Key Features

User-friendly online OCR interface
Convert .jpg, .bmp, .png or .PDFs to text
No registration or signup needed
Free, low latency OCR API with unlimited requests
State of the art OCR accuracy - best in class
Supports 42+ languages for text recognition
Secure conversion - all data is removed
Over 1 billion requests processed