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Nanonets provides automated workflows to 1000+ enterprises to help them reduce manual effort and data entry using AI.

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Select files from your computer, or just drag and drop into the upload box. Supports PDF, PNG, JPG files.

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Our OCR tool automatically recognizes the content in your file and creates a searchable PDF file within seconds.

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Click on 'Download .PDF' to download the file. Create a free account to start with automated workflows and bulk operations.

Search with Nanonets

Do more than just creating Searchable PDFs

Nanonets platform automatically parses through all the files using its advanced OCR and returns the files that contain the values you are looking for.
For example, say we have an invoice extraction model and search for text in an invoice, say a key, Nanonets returns all relevant documents for you.

To make searches more accurate, Nanonets lets you assign data types for values inside your information. For example, you have to filter PDFs
based on invoice dates and amounts. Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to identify data types and makes searches infinitely more structured.

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We are impressed with the intelligence in the product when it comes to data extraction. This opens up for many new areas where we can help our customers, like detection of fraud. We have been having a tight and transparent dialogue with Nanonets. Our customers are very pleased with the product as well as the technical support we together with Nanonets have been able to provide.

Per Defalva

Founder, DigitalEngine (Sweden), ex-CIO PwC Sweden

How we compare

Why Nanonets OCR is better ?

Traditional OCR Tools
Data Formatting
High savings
Nil or low training data
High training data
High training data
Receive documents from multiple channels
Amount of training data needed
Self-learning AI
No Template setup required
IT / API friendly
Multiple export options
Cost and Time Savings

Make Searchable PDFs in Python

Create and download searchable PDFs in Python in just four lines of code using our python wrapper.

Step 1 : Install our Python Package from terminal / shell via pip

pip install ocr-nanonets-wrapper

Step 2 : Get your free API Key

Get API Key

Step 3 : Copy code snippet in python environment to start creating searchable PDFs

from nanonets import NANONETSOCR model = NANONETSOCR() model.set_token('REPLACE_API_KEY') model.convert_to_searchable_pdf('INPUT_FILE_PATH', output_file_name='NAME.pdf')

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Searchable PDF FAQs

Can I convert documents and images to Excel ?
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