Automate data entry with email parsing

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how does this work?

Automate data extraction from Email in 3 steps


Capture emails

Collect or forward incoming emails to your dedicated Nanonets Inbox.


Extract data

Nanonets extracts just the relevant data from email bodies, subjects, sender info, attachments, or signatures.


Download/Send data

Download or sync data directly into your business applications, ERPs or CRMs.

AI-based email parser

No templates. No rules. A single AI-based parser that can handle all sorts of emails and data variations.

Parse attached files

Extract data from up to 20 attached documents.

Supports all file types

Our parser supports PDFs, image files, csv, Excel, JSON, XML and more.

Data transformation

Transform the extracted data into any data format or file format you choose.

Workflow automation

Automate every manual step of your email data extraction process.


Connect and send data to ERP, CRM, accounting software or other business applications natively or via API.

Streamline your email data extraction processes, save time every month

Automate data entry with Nanonets' email parsing workflows.
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Maryland based Remediation Contractor

Ryan Hess, Head of accounts payable

Building Smarter: ACM Services saves 90% time for its Accounts Payable Team with Nanonets Invoice Extraction

Expatrio uses Passport OCR

Expatrio Global Services GmbH

Tay Kim, Product operations manager

Passport to success: Expatrio achieves 95% reduction in time for Manual Data Entry with Nanonets OCR

In2 Project Management

Neil Betts, co-founder

In2 Project Management helps Water Supply Corporation save 700,000 AUD with Nanonets AI

Ascend Properties

David Giovanni, CEO

Growing exponentially:The Accounts Payable team is 5x more efficient with the automation and optimization Nanonets provides


Saifuddin, Product Manager & Catherine, Financial Analyst

Nanonets' direct integration with SAP helped SaltPay automate a crucial part of their Accounts Payable process

Tapi Property Maintenance Software

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager

Tapi is processing invoices in seconds instead of hours through Nanonets AI which has helped them reduce Accounts Payable cost by ~70%