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Tapi automates property maintenance invoices using nanonets


Cost saved

From 6hrs to 12s

Change in Processing time

35,000 to 110,000 properties managed

Growth in business


Automation Accuracy
Property Management
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Wellignton, New Zealand

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Tapi’s property maintenance software simplifies property maintenance by integrating all parties involved in the maintenance process and by keeping them on the same page. Through this enhanced communication, tapi makes it easy for property managers to take care of maintenance and repairs which means owners, tenants and service providers have a great experience in and around rental homes. Based out of Wellington, New Zealand, Tapi helps maintain 110,000 properties and is expanding rapidly

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We have had a great experience with Nanonets, the platform is reliable, easy to use and flexible along with excellent customer support from the team. Nanonet's AI solution has unlocked massive gains in savings and productivity for Tapi.

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager

The Challenge

Tapi is focused on improving efficiency in the property maintenance system and processing invoices manually was a major bottleneck in the turnaround time. They work with over 200 agencies and generate over 100,000+ invoices per month corresponding to property maintenance related activities They outsourced the data entry job to a third party but found the model was unscalable and could not keep up with the rapid growth of Tapi.

Their team needed a reliable platform powered by artificial intelligence that could extract specific fields from the invoices with primary features being:

1. User friendliness: Easily maintained by anyone

2. Ease of integration: Quick turnaround for integrating the software

3. Flexibility: Able to work with new integrations

The value add of Tapi is efficiency gains, if we are doing invoice processing manually we aren’t saving much time

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager

The Solution

Nanonets’s AI tool- Invoice OCR captures information from invoices and sends it to Tapi. Tapi trained the AI to extract required information from the invoices, post which they perform checks to ensure if all fields are populated correctly and in line with expectations. The AI is highly efficient and pulls the required information correctly 94% of the time, and this is expected to improve over time by continuing to train Nanonets platform with new invoices.

Nanonet’s integration was up and running in a week and it is currently maintained by a non-technical staff member who is able to quickly add new integrations and add new capabilities in capturing invoices for Tapi which were not previously possible. Nanonets has been up and working all the time and any issues were resolved in ~15 mins providing the high reliability that Tapi required.

The result

6 hours
Time taken with manual processing
12 s (>99% reduction)
Time taken with Nanonets

The Result

Tapi was previously spending over $10K a month, which was growing 10% MoM with the growth of the company. They are able to reduce this down 70% and these gains are expected to increase with time as the number of invoices grow. Due to manual validation, the turnaround time was >6hrs which resulted in invoices being cleared on the next business day, which resulted an unwanted delay in operations, this time with Nanonets has been reduced to 12s and allows an instantaneous turnaround of invoices which has been a significant improvement in customer experience for Tapi’s users.

To learn more about Tapi and their work, check out Tapi.

To learn more about Nanonets, check out or speak with us today!

Tapi has been able to save 70% on invoicing costs, improve customer experience by turnaround of seconds from >6hrs and free up staff members from tedious work

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager