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Use Nanonets to streamlineclaims processing


Use Cases

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  • Mobile Damage

    Detect cracked screens and read IMEI numbers from images automatically to make the claims review and processing instantaneous

  • ID Card Digitization

    Automate KYC documents scanning and validation by extracting relevant information from images to make customer onboarding easier

  • Vehicle Damage

    Automatically detect rust, dents, scratches and any other damages in car images/videos to process claims without the need for on-ground inspections

  • Form Digitization

    Extract fields and handwritten information from forms and documents to automate the customer onboarding process

  • Damage Assessment (Drones)

    Use drone images and estimate damages to property in high-risk areas to process claims fast and without risking your adjuster's personal safety


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Case Studies

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  • Mobile Insurance

    Make claims processing easier by automating damage assessment and fraud detection with Nanonets

  • Car Insurance

    Automatically find out damages, scratches, dents and rust to make claims processing easier

  • KYC Automation

    Automatically verify documents and extract relevant fields to cut costs and increase efficiency

  • Invoice Processing

    Read invoices and extract relevant data from images to automate claims processing


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