NanoNets for Travel

Extract Information from Images

Extract attributes and tags from Images. The model can be built to extract the tags that your business needs. Answer questions like what is the color of the tshirt and which is the brand of the shoe. Give a few hundered images for every tag and extract any information you want from images.

NanoNets beat human level accuracy. After receiving data we provide feedback about the accuracy of the model and compare it against your required SLAs.

Test Image Similairity

Use NanoNets to find images that are similar. Similarity is set to be whatever you want. You can find similar rooms, similar decor or similar locations. Pass two images and test how similar they are. NanoNets returns a score describing how similar two images are. NanoNets are trained to understand similarity by learning from data you provide. Pass the model a few images of images that are similar and those that are dissimilar, it learns to identify similarity from this.


Use NanoNets to recommend similar items. Recommendation can be done based on any criteria like location, weather, room type, architecture etc. Train the model by providing it a list of all your items and some examples of item recommendations. Example this room is similar to the rooms you visited previously or you might also like some more outdoor adventures.

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