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Nanonets is the superior AI-powered data entry automation solution.

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Why is Nanonets better than ABBYY?
Nanonets is easier to use, Quicker to adopt
Unlike ABBYY's complicated interface, Nanonets has a simple and intuitive UI. You don't have to jump through the hoops to capture data.
Build fast, sync faster with Nanonets
ABBYY's template approach often takes days before you can use it. Nanonets gets the job done in just minutes by allowing you to create custom models on your own. What's more, Nanonets deep learning continues to improve with every document.
Transparent Pricing, affordable plans
No hidden fees. No sudden expenses. Nanonets reduces costs in every way -- processing costs go down from $1 to $0.1!

Data extraction ain't a simple task. That's why you should choose the superior Nanonets over ABBYY.

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Nanonets vs. ABBYY at a glance
Data capture accuracyHighFair
Key value pair extractionAI-basedTemplatized
Fully automated model creation
Simple API integrations
Affordable plans
Why Our Customers Made the Switch from ABBYY to Nanonets

Customized data capture from unstructured documents

ABBYY's key-value pair extraction is templatized and unintelligent. Nanonets AI-based intelligent extraction models allow you to upload unstructured documents and extract only the labels you need, in the format that you need. You can add new fields tool.

Custom models in 15 mins!

Unlike ABBYY's laborious training processes and module setups, Nanonets is ready in a flash! Use our intuitive self-service platform to custom-build your own models in any language. It only takes 15 minutes! Adding and removing model labels is a breeze.

Effortless Integration

Nanonets' APIs allow it to integrate seamlessly with the tools you use everyday -- email, RPA, accounting software, loyalty platforms, and CRMs. These integrations could be a bit tedious with ABBYY.

Process documents in any language

Unlike ABBYY, Nanonets can handle any language from anywhere in the world, out of the box. Yes Sì. ಇದು ಜ. Egentlig. Try it yourself.

Format no bar. Structure no bar. Absolute flexibility.

A technologically superior product to ABBYY, Nanonets can automate any document type in any template -- receipts, bills, invoices, legal contracts, forms, P&L statements, and more! What's more, Nanonets is savvy with multi-page documents too!

More fields greater accuracy.

Nanonets performs demonstrably better than ABBYY: Extract more fields with enhanced accuracy. Reduce data entry effort from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Transparency in Pricing

Unlike ABBYY, you don't need to 'request information' from Nanonets. Here you go, all you need to know about our pricing is here.

Efficient, highly responsive customer support.

Your success is our success. In fact, all our customers have access to our personal calendars so they can set up calls anytime -- and get our undivided attention. Every visitor to the Nanonets website also gets real-time chat support. Is ABBYY giving you that?

Our partners love us! Here’s why.
Director, operations
US Financial Services
“Nanonets have gone over and above what was expected. I can't praise them enough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone”
Raul Coello, CEO
Advantage Marketing
“The system works but the special ingredient is the customer service team, they are always available and helped a lot during the setup process.”
Happy Jewelers
“Our employees now feel more productive and happy as most of the clerical work is now out of their lives”

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