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We are impressed with the intelligence in the product when it comes to data extraction. This opens up for many new areas where we can help our customers, like detection of fraud. We have been having a tight and transparent dialogue with Nanonets. Our customers are very pleased with the product as well as the technical support we together with Nanonets have been able to provide.

Per Defalva

Founder, DigitalEngine (Sweden), ex-CIO PwC Sweden


Product Operations Manager, Expatrio

“I would recommend Nanonets to companies who need an accurate and well functioning Passport OCR solution with great support, reasonable pricing, and flexible plans.”

AP Team

Happy Jewellers

“Working with NanoNets has been superfluid. They understand the requirements of SMBs very well, and were quickly able to suggest workflow automations using their solution. The other important thing about NanoNets was that it did not disturb the operations for any employee, instead made their work easier.”

Ryan Hess

Head of Accounts Payable, ACM Services

“I would recommend Nanonets over other services because of their friendly team. I knew integration with our current stubborn accounting software was going to be difficult, but the NanoNets team assured me they could make it happen for us. They delivered better than I could have expected.”

M. Aflah

PT, Solusi Aplikasi (Indonesia)

“Nanonets helped us deploy the data capture workflow with Quickbooks < 7 days from the contract signing date. This has directly impacted the finance team, who can process 50% more invoices at the same time without hiring more people.”

David Giovanni

CEO, Ascend Properties

“Our business grew 5x in last 4 years, to process invoices manually would mean a 5x increase in staff, this was neither cost effective or a scalable way to grow. Nanonets helped us avoid such an increase in staff.”

Luke Faulkner

Product Manager, Tapi

“We have had a great experience with Nanonets, the platform is reliable, easy to use and flexible along with excellent customer support from the team. Nanonet's AI solution has unlocked massive gains in savings and productivity for Tapi.”