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Uncover valuable insights from any document or data source and automate customer support processes with AI-powered workflows.

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How do businesses use Nanonets AI for customer support?

Ticket Management

Efficiently route support queries, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely resolution to improve response accuracy and speed.

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Customer Inquiry Responses

Respond instantly to customer questions, triage issues, prioritize queries, and direct them to the appropriate departments while reducing manual intervention.

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Issue Resolution

Resolve tickets swiftly, assign tasks efficiently, integrate communication channels, monitor progress, provide instant updates, and generate actionable insights.

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Technical Support

Handle common queries, provide instant responses, route complex issues to specialists, monitor progress, and maintain detailed records.

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Product Returns and Exchanges

Speed up return requests, track items in transit, trigger replacements, send notifications, update inventory status, resolve issues promptly, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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