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Nanonets is the leading Kofax Alternative.

Kickstart automation with intelligent document processing and data entry products from Nanonets. We have enabled numerous clients to reduce manual effort and turn around times, generating incredible ROIs.

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Nanonets as a Kofax Alternative

Here’s why Nanonets is the perfect automation partner

Tailor-made for your needs

Easy to use UI & customization, built to work for companies of all sizes and industries.

High Accuracy

Our robust AI engine learns and evolves consistently, with 95% field accuracy.

24x7 Support

Simplified product setup & ease of administration, coupled with best-in-class ongoing product support.

Simplified Integrations

Enhanced interoperability between your essential software - Reduce setup time & errors.

rated 4.9 on g2 and on capterra (2022)

Our customers love us—see what they have to say

AP Team
Happy jewellers

“Working with NanoNets has been superfluid. They understand the requirements of SMBs very well, and were quickly able to suggest workflow automations using their solution. The other important thing about NanoNets was that it did not disturb the operations for any employee, instead made their work easier.”

Ryan Hess
Head of Accounts Payable, ACM SERVICES

“I would recommend NanoNets over other services because of their friendly team. I knew integration with our current stubborn accounting software was going to be difficult, but the NanoNets team assured me they could make it happen for us. They delivered better than I could have expected. I have built a relationship with Nano which is an important ideal of ACM and it feels now as if they are part of the family.”

M. Aflah
pt, solusi aplikasi (indonesia)

Nanonets helped us deploy the data capture workflow with Quickbooks < 7 days from the contract signing date. This has directly impacted the finance team, who can process 50% more invoices at the same time without hiring more people.

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Businesses love Nanonets—for our ease of use and for making integrating with an existing stack a breeze.
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Nanonets vs Kofax

Nanonets vs Kofax

You can setup your Nanonets account in 5 minutes by following below steps, and similarly go to Kofax and create an account there to compare with Nanonets.

Create and set up your Nanonets account within 5 minutes


Nanonets supports all Document Types

Create your ready to use model by clicking on document type you want to process. We are covering most use cases such as invoices, receipts, POs, Passports, Driving Licenses etc.

If your document type is specialized, you can create your own model and train it within seconds to detect custom fields and tables which you want the model to capture.

Use Automated Import / Upload Manually

Upload files using the drag and drop feature, or set up an automated import.

Automated imports enable you to send files to custom email or Google Drive from where Nanonets can automatically takes files and triggers data extraction.


Nanonets processes files within seconds

Nanonets takes a few seconds to extract data from the files, and displays them in a list view.

You can modify the list view to show extracted fields, and also set up rule based alerts to highlight files which should be brought to your attention.

Approval Process (Optional)

You can set up an approval process. The process enables you to either approve manually, or use rule based conditions to flag and label files with errors and abnormalities.

You can also indicate team members who are assigned approval duties based on file flags and labels to create a semi-automated process.


Integrate with ERP / Export to Database (optional)

You can set up an export to your database, or an integration with your software to automatically populate extracted data where it is required.

Supported by our software team, we can integrate with any software, and have ready made integrations for most ERPs.

Security certifications

Security is a priority at Nanonets

World Class Training and Support
Highest security standards
99.95% Uptime
Strict Privacy Policies
Per Defalvadigital engine
digital engine

We are impressed with the intelligence in the product when it comes to data extraction. This opens up for many new areas where we can help our customers, like detection of fraud. We have been having a tight and transparent dialogue with Nanonets. Our customers are very pleased with the product as well as the technical support we together with Nanonets have been able to provide.

Per Defalva

Founder, DigitalEngine (Sweden), ex-CIO PwC Sweden

Quotation marks

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Nanonets is trusted by +10,000 customers across the globe

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Automation stories straight from our customers

Maryland based Remediation Contractor

Ryan Hess, Head of accounts payable

Building Smarter: ACM Services saves 90% time for its Accounts Payable Team with Nanonets Invoice Extraction

Expatrio uses Passport OCR

Expatrio Global Services GmbH

Tay Kim, Product operations manager

Passport to success: Expatrio achieves 95% reduction in time for Manual Data Entry with Nanonets OCR

In2 Project Management

Neil Betts, co-founder

In2 Project Management helps Water Supply Corporation save 700,000 AUD with Nanonets AI

Ascend Properties

David Giovanni, CEO

Growing exponentially:The Accounts Payable team is 5x more efficient with the automation and optimization Nanonets provides


Saifuddin, Product Manager & Catherine, Financial Analyst

Nanonets' direct integration with SAP helped SaltPay automate a crucial part of their Accounts Payable process

Tapi Property Maintenance Software

Luke Faulkner, Product Manager

Tapi is processing invoices in seconds instead of hours through Nanonets AI which has helped them reduce Accounts Payable cost by ~70%

Nanonets as a Kofax Alternative

Nanonets enables customers

To create custom models quickly.

Create custom models on our simple interface in just 15 minutes. Add any field, in any language. Or, off-load this step to our team and we'll build your model for you.

To handle unstructured documents, borderless tables, etc.

Nanonets' advanced AI knows exactly what fields to capture, irrespective of what type of document you process. It does not need any templates and can detect fields present anywhere on the document.

To ensure higher document level accuracy.

Nanonets begins with a high-level accuracy and the precision increases with every processed document. The accuracy is high even on non-standard documents and custom extractions.

To have personalized 1:1 team training and support.

Nanonets is not just your data capture solution provider. Nanonets is your strategic tech partner. We’re by your side whenever you need us, as long as you need us.

To integrate with existing systems effortlessly.

Nanonets is ready to work with anything you’ve got — CMS, Zapier, you name it. Connect via seamless integrations with Nanonets’ advanced APIs. If you don’t see a solution listed on our integrations page, talk to us — we’ll make it happen. The Nanonets integration experience is guaranteed to be seamless and smooth.

To speak their language, unapologetically.

Have documents in several languages? Need a data entry automation solution that can speak any language fluently and capture any field? You’ve come to the right place: Nanonets captures data with 95+% accuracy in any language.

To pay a fair and transparent price.

Our prices are designed to suit your individual or business requirements: affordable, transparent, flexible. We offer more value: thousands of pages, multiple model retrains, customized onboarding, personalized support, unlimited models, and more!

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