Automate Data Extraction from Bill of materials (BOM)

Transform construction processes with automated Bill of materials (BOM) processing with Nanonets. Slash turnaround time, costs & efforts with pre-trained Bill of materials (BOM) OCR model.
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Extract Bill of materials (BOM) data from Emails

Automatically extract data from Bill of materials (BOM) included in forwarded emails

Automated Data Entry

Snap a picture and Nanonets will take care of the rest.

90% straight through processing

Accurately capture predefined labels with Artificial Intelligence. Reconcile data across sources.


Bill of materials (BOM) OCR usecases with Nanonets

Logistics Automation

Automate manual shipping document processes to reduce errors, inefficiencies, and costs.

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Logistics Automation
Bill of materials (BOM)

Fields that can be identified

Here are some fields Nanonets can extract by default. Say goodbye to manual data entry. Additional fields can also be extracted on request.

BOM number or identifier
Product name and description
Part number
Component description
Quantity required
Unit of measure
Vendor or supplier information
Lead time
Cost per unit
And many more...

When your business is your passion, don’t let data entry get in the way.

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How we compare

Benefits of Nanonets' Bill of materials (BOM) OCR API

Traditional OCR Tools
Data Formatting
High savings
Nil or low training data
High training data
High training data
Receive documents from multiple channels
Amount of training data needed
Self-learning AI
No Template setup required
IT / API friendly
Multiple export options
Cost and Time Savings

Frequently asked Questions

Learn more about Bill of materials (BOM) processing with Nanonets OCR API

Frequently asked Questions

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