Automate Data Extraction from Sworn Affidavits

Automate data capture from Sworn Affidavits with Nanonets’ AI-powered Sworn Affidavit OCR & machine learning. Extract data from Sworn Affidavits & automate workflows for related use cases.
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Capture Sworn Affidavits from Emails

Collect or forward your emailed sworn affidavit to your Nanonets Inbox.

Automated Data Entry

Snap a picture and Nanonets will take care of the rest.

90% straight through processing

Accurately capture predefined labels with Artificial Intelligence. Reconcile data across sources.


Use cases for Nanonets’ sworn affidavit OCR


Automate Government workflows/processes and more.

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Sworn Affidavits

Fields that can be identified

Here are some fields Nanonets can extract by default. Say goodbye to manual data entry. Additional fields can also be extracted on request.

Company name
Registration number
Identity number
And many more...

When your business is your passion, don’t let data entry get in the way.

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How we compare

Benefits of Nanonets' Sworn Affidavit OCR API

Traditional OCR Tools
Data Formatting
High savings
Nil or low training data
High training data
High training data
Receive documents from multiple channels
Amount of training data needed
Self-learning AI
No Template setup required
IT / API friendly
Multiple export options
Cost and Time Savings