Go Paperless with Nanonets Retail Automation solution

Automate manual retail processes to boost productivity, reduce cost and enhance omnichannel customer experiences.

24x7 support
GDPR Compliant
20+ integrations
On-premise & SaaS hosting

A Typical Nanonets Customer Performance

Reduction in manual data entry
Saving in accounting costs
ROI Payback over 3 months
Expatrio achieves 95% reduction in time for Manual Data Entry with Nanonets OCR
I would recommend Nanonets to companies who need an accurate and well functioning Passport OCR solution with great support, reasonable pricing, and flexible plans.
Producr Operation Manager, expatrio
“Working with Nanonets has been super fluid. NanoNets helped us deploy the data capture workflow with Quickbooks in < 7 days from the contract signing date. This has directly impacted the finance team, who can now process 50% more invoices at the same time without hiring more people.”
AP Team
Happy jewelers

Deliver Exceptional Experiences at Scale with Nanonets

Enhance Customer Experience

Delight your customers everytime

Reduce customer churn & facilitate cross-selling by performing advanced analysis to predict customer behavior in real-time. Use Nanonets to combine customers' purchase history with other operational data to generate standardized rich customer profiles for advanced CX analytics.

Amplify Workforce

Leave the grunt work to us

Manual data entry is not cost-efficient. Nanonets can automate all tedious manual document processing and validation so that your employees can focus on more important things.

Robust Logistics

Simplify Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The amount of paperwork is almost baffling and difficult to track if you’re scaling your company. Nanonets simplifies your logistics processes by automating and digitizing all your purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, records, HR documentation, and other paper documents so you dont have to.

Standardize processes  

Scale with confidence 

Standardize all your document processes and push all-important retail data into a central repository. Remove all the inefficiencies caused due to missing data and incorrect data entries. Scale your retail operations across different locations while maintaining the same processes. 

Focus on your business, we take care of the data processing

Extraction process

Transform Retail Experiences on the go

Drive growth by optimizing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and freeing up your employees to provide omnichannel retail customer service

Move from traditional to smart retailer model

nanonets logo
Traditional Retail Outlet
Smart automation with workflow capabilities.
Fundamental Tools & Technologies
Humans + Smart AI working in tandem
Humans only workforce
Customer Data
Rich customer profiles (Completely Integratedomnichannel customer data)
Siloed and incomplete
Standardized, Scalable and Error Free Automated Process.
Fragmented and non-standized processes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retail automation system?

A retail automation system is software used to automate manual retail tasks to improve efficiency and employee productivity. Using retail automation software ensures your employees have more time to cater to customer needs, improve customer satisfaction and contribute to store growth. 

Retail automation is gaining traction due to its contribution to the retail sector. According to a Statista report, the worldwide retail automation market is supposed to be worth 23.58 billion USD by 2026.

Retail automation assists retail organizations by automating manual, menial and tedious tasks, freeing up employees’ time and aiding in taking data-driven decisions.

What are the benefits of using a retail automation solution?

Retail automation solutions can help retailers enhance customer experience without compromising on quality or efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of using retail automation software. 

Decreased Labor Costs

Retail automation solution reduces the number of full-time employees working on data entry. With automated data entry, ocr software, and document validation software, retailers can process invoices, receipts, purchase orders, sales orders, customer queries, and more with one single retail automation software. Retail automation software work 30 times more than one single full-time employee.  

Better Operational Efficiency

Retail automation simplifies all document processes and completes tasks efficiently. With retail automation software, retailers can merge customer information with operational information and improve operational efficiency as software can handle all manual processes on the go. 

For example, accounts payable representatives or financial teams have to combine information from different systems at the end of every business day. This manual data entry could lead to more data entry errors which lead to a waste of time and effort. 

Remove Data Silos

Retail automation software can help retailers organize data in one single database for easy visibility and easy access. 

Error Free Processes

It is impossible to eradicate human errors entirely, but using automated retail software can reduce the error probability by 95% or more. 

Improve Customer Experience

Retail automation software improves customer satisfaction due to lower turnaround time, quicker customer query resolution and faster customer onboarding processes. 

What are the features of retail automation software?

The typical features every retail management software should have :

Document Automation 

Retail outlets have a lot of documents like orders, receipts, tags, invoices, employee documents, and more. Digitizing these documents take up a lot of time. In order to improve efficiency, retail automation software should definitely be able to process documents automatically. 

Document Verification

In order to handle a proper customer loyalty solution, retail automation solutions should have powerful document verification systems and document digitization features. These include OCR API, integrations, and easy to use interface. 

How do I automate my retail business with Nanonets?

Nanonets intelligent document automation solution can help you automate all aspects of document processes with ease. With Nanonets, you can 

  • Automate all your document processes - think about any kind of document digitization, forms, receipts, invoices, purchase orders, NDA agreement, customer suggestions, any scanned document or online document that can be completely converted to text with Nanonets OCR API. 
  • Automate approval workflows - With Nanonets, you can create automated approval workflows and ensure human in the loop approval process is maintained at scale. 
  • Automate Accounts Payable - Use Nanonets Flow to automate complete accounts payable tasks. Eliminate manual data entry tasks from retail outlets. 
  • Scale Processes - Nanonets help you standardize processes across teams using rules-based workflows. With such processes, you can scale your retail business across geographies without worrying about the dilution of quality. 
  • Automate Expense Reports - Nanonets Flow can automate expense tagging and expense reporting for all the teams to see. 
  • Automate Vendor management - Manage all vendor agreements, status requests and payment requests using Nanonets single retail automation platform. 
How much does a retail automation solution cost? 

Nanonets pricing plan starts from $499 per month but we also have a free trail. Check out our pricing plans to know more. 

Why invest in a retail automation platform?

Retail automation Software is helpful in automating regular manual tasks and frees up employee time to do meaningful work. It not only amplifies the workforce but also increases security, enhances compliance, and improves customer experience.