Nanonets Zero Shot: Generative AI for Documents

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What is Zero Shot Extraction?

Zero Shot Extraction allows you to use natural language to describe the data you want to extract from a document. Start extracting structured data from documents right from the get-go, without any training. Say goodbye to lengthy training processes and welcome the ability to quickly build your own custom models.

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Why choose Nanonets Zero Shot Extraction

Use natural language input to extract structured data from your documents

No more waiting

By eliminating the need for the time consuming training process, Zero Shot allows you to start extracting structured data from your documents by simply providing a few simple inputs.

Create new models

You can quickly create your own custom models to extract information from any document by simply specifying the fields of interest.

Enhance existing models

You can use Zero Shot to quickly add new fields to existing models or create customized versions of pre-trained models to suit your needs.

High Accuracy

Delivers over 90% accuracy, right off the bat. Can be further improved by providing better input while defining the extraction fields.

Complete Control

Offers complete control over what data does / does not get extracted

Works seamlessly with any document

No more restriction of supported document types. Can work with literally any type of structured or unstructured document that you want to extract from.


How Does Zero Shot Work?


Your Fields

Identify and Specify the fields you want to extract from your document


Upload Your

Simply upload the document you want to extract data from.



Download / export the extracted structured data once ready