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Nanonets is excited to announce its partnership with Servitalent to completely automate recruitment workflows with AI and intelligent automation.

This partnership will primarily focus on supercharging recruitment processes for organisations that depend on Servitalent for various HR services.


Servitalent is a leading professional services company specialising in providing the right human resources for company management and leadership.

They are on a mission to help companies improve their managerial and people management capacity at any time during their life cycle, and help professionals value their managerial competencies with these companies.

Servitalent achieves this through design and provision of advisory, accompaniment and support services that allow both parties to interact in a highly competitive, volatile, digitized and globalized environment.


Nanonets is a leading AI-based OCR and workflow automation software that captures structured data from invoices, receipts and other unstructured documents. Over the last two years, hundreds of companies have started using Nanonets to manage documents, capture information and automate business workflows.

Our software has helped tens of thousands of new users build workflows, develop hundreds of thousands of AI workflows, and process a few billion files. Nanonets is on a mission to leverage Deep Learning to build the world's most frictionless document communication platform.

Servitalent x Nanonets

The partnership between Servitalent and Nanonets focuses on the application of Nanonets' intelligent document processing technology to convert candidates' CVs into machine readable digital data.

This effectively converts hundreds of CVs into a searchable database of candidate data. This will allow recruiters to identify & filter the right candidates by accurately identifying skills, experience or domain knowledge.

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