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Hindi is 3rd most spoken language in the world with 615 million speakers after English and Mandarin.

With so many people speaking Hindi, there would be no surprise if there were a lot of Hindi documents around. Now whether you want to digitize Hindi documents or extract data from them, you’ll have to use Hindi OCR software.

Hindi can be complex for machines to read. Unlike English, the Hindi language uses an entirely different script, called Devnagiri. Also, there are a lot of half characters strewn together to make one word, which makes it difficult to read, comprehend, and extract.

But there are many Hindi OCR software out there to help you with your task. In this blog, we will take a look at the top 6 Hindi OCR software in 2024.

5 Best Hindi OCR software in 2024


Nanonets is a no-code intelligent OCR software that can be used to extract text from PDF documents or images in 200+ languages including Hindi, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more. Its powerful AI-based OCR engine provides 95%+ accuracy while extracting information.

Nanonets is an intelligent document automation platform to automate every aspect of document processes like manual data entry, document classification, document storing, and more. Its easy-to-use interface, free plans, drag-and-drop modules, and powerful OCR API make Nanonets the best choice for the Hindi OCR platform.

Pros of using Nanonets:

  • Modern UI
  • Pre-trained OCR models for documents, invoices, bills, receipts, and more.
  • 95%+ OCR accuracy
  • Custom AI models in 15 minutes
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • No hidden pricing - check to price
  • Training & Help section
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Rated 4.9 on Capterra and G2

Cons of using Nanonets:

  • No mobile application
  • Not for translating the text.

How to get started with Nanonets as Hindi OCR software?

Just follow these steps to use Nanonets as your Hindi OCR software for free.

Step 1: First, create a free account on Nanonets and log in.

Step 2: Once you log in, select the pre-trained OCR model of your choice and upload the document.

Step 3: Once the document is uploaded, check the extracted data in the document.

Step 4: You can download the extracted data or send the data to the software of your choice with integrations.

Get started with Nanonets' pre-trained OCR models or build your own custom OCR models. You can also schedule a demo to get a free product tour!

Devanagari OCR

Hindi OCR Software -
Hindi OCR Software -

Devanagari OCR is an open-source desktop-based Hindi OCR program to extract Hindi text from documents. The Hindi OCR platform is free to use but only accepts grayscale images as input.

It supports additional 20+ languages in a similar fashion. This could be a great fit for hobbyists looking to work with very few documents at a time.

Pros of using Devanagari OCR:

  • Free OCR software
  • Can be used in 20+ Indian languages

Cons of using Devanagari OCR:

  • Works only on Windows
  • Can’t be used for colorful documents
  • Can process only one page at a time
  • No customer support
  • Not for large-scale automation
  • Not a Mac OCR software

Automate Hindi document processing with Nanonets. Process 50k+ documents on 10x faster. Upload your documents now. No credit card is required.

Ironsoftware OCR

Iron OCR software is a C# code library for .NET developers. Iron OCR software is built on Tesseract engine and can be used to for 126 languages including Hindi.

The Software takes Hindi PDF documents as input and gives text, structured datasets,s or searchable PDFs as output. The code is supported on .NET 6, 5, Core, Standard, Framework

Pros of using Ironsoftware OCR:

  • Free Offline software for the Sanskrit language
  • Can exceed Tesseract OCR engine performance
  • Can be used for 49 languages along with Sanskrit

Cons of using Ironsoftware OCR:

  • No Graphic UI
  • Not for coders
  • Can’t be used single-handedly

Need OCR software for image-to-text extraction or PDF data extraction? Looking to convert PDF to the table or PDF to text?

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Google OCR

Google suite provides an OCR tool, Document AI, that can be used to extract text from documents on the go. Google Document AI uses Machine learning to automate manual data entry processes from documents in real-time.

Google also provides ocr using Google Drive OCR and Google Docs OCR.

Pros of using Google OCR:

  • Works well with Google Suite applications
  • High Speed

Cons of using Google OCR:

  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Custom AI models are hard
  • Expensive for small enterprises
  • Only for online deployments

Start using Nanonets for Automation. Try out the various OCR models or request a demo today. Find out how Nanonets' use cases can apply to your product.

Indic OCR

Indic OCR is a Tesseract and Olena-based open source toolkit that has been trained on recognizing Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi with high accuracy. These scripts are available here and you can get in touch with the developer in order to train a model for a particular font.

Pros of using Indic OCR:

  • Open Source code
  • Free to use

Cons of using Indic OCR:

  • Need coding skills to use them
  • No Graphic User Interface
  • No documentation
  • Not a good fit for high-volume automation

Which is the best Hindi OCR software?

As we already discussed, Hindi is a complex language. Hence, extracting Hindi characters from the document might be difficult. In this blog, we took a look at the top 5 Hindi OCR tools.

All the Hindi OCR software has its own pros and cons which are mentioned in the article. With our analysis here is a list of the best use of these Hindi OCR tools according to different use cases :

The accuracy of all the Hindi OCR tools varies by document quality and the OCR models. In the case of Nanonets, Nanonets OCR models evolve with time.

There are many other tools which are great to be mentioned like Power Automate, Docsumo, Kofax, Veryfi and Aws Textract (PyPDF2).

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Nanonets online OCR & OCR API have many interesting use cases that could optimize your business performance, save costs and boost growth. Find out how Nanonets' use cases can apply to your product.

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15 January 2024: The blog was updated on 15 January 2024.