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Keeping track of your expenses is never a wrong idea. Using a receipt scanner app can help you keep your spending organized and optimize personal or business accounting processes.

We’ve found ten receipt scanner apps that help you digitize receipts, extract relevant information, create expense reports and manage all your expenditure from one app. The market is crowded with complicated applications that try to do it all. In this article, we want to present receipt scanner apps that do one thing precisely: Scan Receipts.

What is a receipt scanner?

A receipt scanner is a software application that helps individuals or businesses organize and manage their paper receipts. The receipt Scanner app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract relevant data from receipts and save it in a digital format. This can make it easier to manage & digitize receipts and reduce the amount of paper clutter.

These apps often include features such as scanning receipts, storing them electronically, and categorizing them for easy tracking and reference. Some receipt scanner software like Nanonets may include additional features such as tracking expenses, generating reports, and integrating with other accounting or financial management tools.

Why should you use a receipt scanner app?

As an accountant, you would not want to go through 1000s of receipt images, wondering what category they fall into a week before tax filing. The receipt scanner app ensures seamless financial employee reimbursement processes and tax filing.

And it’s beneficial for businesses; individuals can use receipt management apps to get visibility into their spending. Here are some reasons why businesses and individuals should use a receipt scanner application:

  • Keep track of the spends
  • Extract information from receipts using receipt OCR
  • Manage all expenses in one single location
  • Ensure a smooth tax filing process
  • Get tax-write-off benefits
  • Ensure compliance by saving receipts for three years
  • Digitize paper receipts and make sure receipts are saved securely

Digitizing your paper receipts and converting them into a searchable database ensures you have every receipt at your fingertips when needed. So what should you use for receipt management? Let’s check out the top 10 receipt scanner apps right now.

Top 10 Receipt Scanner Apps in 2023

This article will look through these ten receipt scanner apps in detail.

  • Nanonets
  • Zoho Expense
  • QuickBooks
  • Shoeboxed
  • Expensify
  • Smart Receipts
  • Genius Scan
  • Dext Prepare
  • Neat
  • Receipts By Wave

#1. Nanonets Receipts & Expenses

Nanonets Receipt Scanner Application
Nanonets Receipt Scanner Application

Nanonets Receipts and Expenses app allows you to scan receipts on the go. Armed with best-in-class OCR software, Nanonets makes it easy to scan and digitize receipts for individuals and businesses alike. Nanonets OCR can scan receipts with 98% accuracy, recognize over 200+ languages and save all receipts in a secure cloud storage.

Employees can scan their receipts, create an expense report in just one click, and send it over to the accounting department. With standard expense reports, it becomes easier for employee expense management.

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  • It is one of the best OCR for any receipt scanning application.
  • Scan receipts using camera or from your gallery.
  • Save all your receipts in a secure storage.
  • Create expense report in one click and send expenses to managers for approval.
  • Can extract information from multi-currency & multi-lingual documents easily.
  • The accounting department can add multiple users to manage business-wide employee spends easily.


  • Completely FREE
  • Scans blur images with high accuracy.
  • Identifies 200+ languages.
  • Perfect for measuring Travel & Entertainment expenses
  • Easily integrates with Nanonets Platform
  • 98% OCR Accuracy
  • Edit receipt data manually.
  • Classify receipts automatically.

#2. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense provides a single integrated solution to track business expenses.It may gather employee receipts and turn them into expense reports for managers to analyze and approve.

Zoho Expense App
Zoho Expense App 


  • Users can add colleagues to their institution to examine reports, log time, and manage their finances.
  • It provides an SSL security feature that gives a secure connection for organizing smart receipts.
  • It also features a function that can benefit your firm if you have workers traveling outside the nation or having multi-currency transactions.


  • Adequate for Zoho users
  • Endless receipt scanning and storage in its plans
  • Perfect for travel expense approval


  • It can be costly for small teams that process few bills from dealers
  • Steep learning curve
  • The interface can be hard

#3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers small businesses an all-inclusive solution to manage receipts and other financial matters, such as profit management and bookkeeping. Users can link their business management software with other accounting software with numerous third-party programs.

Quickbooks rece


  • It allows you to take images of receipts, and then accounting will then match them to the proper expenses.
  • It keeps everything in one location so that you can easily prepare for taxes and organize all of your proof of expenditures.
  • Automatically produces financial statements, tax reports, inventory reports, cash flow statements, etc.


  • Track profit and loss by location, class, or project
  • Access to a substantial network of autonomous QuickBooks ProAdvisors
  • Comprises mileage and expense tracking and receipt scanning through the app


  • Require to upgrade plans to add extra users
  • More costly than its direct competitors
  • No variance examination for estimated and real costs

#4. Shoeboxed

Soeboxed digitizes receipts and provides precise GPS mileage tracking to track mileage. With the help of a desktop plugin, users may drag and drop scans of receipts into their email accounts to import them.


  • The receipt management feature incorporates OCR, precise scanning, and human verification.
  • This makes it easy and quick to digitize receipts in a safe location.
  • It provides a Gmail plugin so that you always keep another receipt in your inbox.


  • Includes expense tracking and mileage reporting
  • Utilize Magic EnvelopeTM to send receipts to the app for scanning
  • Endless file storage


  • Processing of receipts is insufficient.
  • Outdated support page

#5. Expensify

Expensify allows you to take an image of the receipt, and it will process the image to extract all the necessary information. It saves you time when trying to store receipts.


  • Comprises a feature to track mileage
  • Integrates with accounting software like NetSuite or QuickBooks
  • Incorporated with your phone’s GPS sensor
  • Import credit card transactions


  • Effortlessly syncs to QBO well.
  • East to split payments between departments
  • Simple to reimburse employees timely


  • Smart scan fails too frequently.
  • The web experience could have been better.
  • The pricing model was confusing and kept changing
  • They push their commodities a lot.

#6. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts makes collecting and managing your receipts incredibly straightforward. It saves you time when creating an expense report and even allow you to log additional mileage when you travel for business. When you travel for work, it essentially aids in keeping track of everything that requires effort.


  • Take receipt pictures or import them from your gallery
  • Tag receipts you have captured with metadata to enable you to find them after
  • Track your mileage at the time of travel
  • Sync your receipts with Google Drive
  • It has an OCR feature to understand the text from your scans


  • Productive mileage tracking
  • Free and open-source
  • Has the feature of automatic scans


  • Ads and bugs on the free version
  • Extra pay-per-use services

#7. Receipts By Wave

Receipts by Wave manages and saves your receipts. Utilizing your free Wave account to sync with this app will allow you to store all of your receipts in the cloud. The good thing about this is that even if you misplace your phone, you can always retrieve your vital information online.


  • Wave’s cloud-based accounting program lets you integrate receipts into reports.
  • Scan multiple receipts all at once.
  • You need not to be online to scan receipts


  • Supports endless users
  • Deals with multi-currency transactions


  • Not suitable for large businesses
  • No inventory management
  • No audit history and time tracking

#8. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the easiest app to use when you want to scan and store your receipts while you're on the go. These scans can be exported from the program through JPEG or PDF to any of your cloud storage accounts.


  • All receipts are instantly stored on the phone for security
  • Come with perspective fixing and document detection
  • Can scan various receipts at once
  • High-quality scans

#9. Dext Prepare

Along with basic bookkeeping, expenditure reporting, and analytics tools, Dext Prepare also has receipt scanning capabilities. Using its mobile app, you can scan bills, invoices, bank statements, and other documents. Its OCR technology then classifies the data, for example, by tax and location, before sending it to your accounting program.


  • It can extract data from bank statements and adequately classify or include them in fields.
  • The extracted data is searchable within the app, so there is no need to manually review the scanned receipts.
  • Documents can be separated based on their source.


  • Extracts data from receipt line items
  • Capture receipts and create expense reports using the app
  • Categories documents as to cost, sales, etc


  • Not a complete accounting software
  • No built-in cloud storage

#10. Neat

The new Neat mobile app can swiftly scan files and receipts, manage tasks, and analyze crucial documents while traveling. You can organize your expenditures by line item using the program's interface. Using this tool, you can track how much of your budget is going to each item.


  • It has a receipt management feature that provides access to monetary papers from anywhere at any time.
  • It allows you to scan files, take images with your mobile, or upload catalogs from your phone.


  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Incorporates multiple capture alternatives, high-grade scanning, and human verification


  • Not a detailed bookkeeping system
  • Scanning two-sided documents can be hard
  • No invoice reconciliation

Why use receipt scanning software?

Receipt scanner apps help in managing expenses but apart from that there are many advantages of using a receipt scanner app.

Report Creation

When employees use the application to scan their receipts, it turns them into a digital copy, creates a report, and sends it to the manager.

Cloud Storage

The cloud storage option with receipt scanners ensures that all scanned reports are kept and immediately available in a cloud database.

Fast Approvals

It's simple for the manager to review the receipts and give them the go-ahead for immediate payments when applications generate instant reports.

Easy Management

Receipt scanners have simplified the process of managing receipts by streamlining the integration of employee data and bank information required to complete reimbursements.

Tax Deduction

Specific receipt programs also offer tax deduction advice to help users improve their profits and decrease expenses.

What are the benefits of using the Receipt Scanner App?

Receipt management software can help you avoid the time and money-consuming process of manually keeping track of receipts. Here's why:


On your smartphone or tablet, scan your personal and professional costs. You may archive all of your scanned smart receipts in one location using a receipt-scanning app for quick access. As a result, all that is required of someone who requests proof of spending or purchase is for them to open the program.

Ease of Use

Even those with little technology experience can efficiently operate a receipt scanner. Anyone in your office who owns a smartphone may access Google Play or the Apple Store to download the app, obtain instructions, and begin using it immediately.


Compared to a physical folder in your workplace, smart receipts are less likely to be lost or damaged.


By scanning receipts, you can reduce human mistakes and ensure that your spending and other bank statements are accurately documented.

How to select the best receipt scanner app?

When selecting a receipt scanner application for your business, there are several factors to consider. These may include the following:

  • The features and capabilities of the software. Does the app have the ability to scan receipts and extract information using OCR technology? Does it allow you to categorize and organize your receipts? Does it include additional features such as expense tracking and reporting?
  • The compatibility of the software with your devices. Can you use the app on your existing devices, such as smartphones or tablets? Is it compatible with your operating system?
  • The ease of use of the software. Is the app user-friendly and intuitive to use? Can you and your team members easily learn how to use it?
  • The price of the software. Is the app reasonably priced for your budget? Does it offer a free trial or demo so you can test it out before making a purchase?
  • The customer support and resources provided by the software company. Is there a dedicated support team available to help you with any issues or questions you may have? Are there helpful resources, such as user guides or tutorials, available to assist you in using the app?

To select the best receipt scanner application for your business, it's important to carefully research and compares your options. Consider your business's specific needs and requirements, and choose a software that offers the features and support you need to manage your receipts effectively.


Tracking expenses may be easier if you convert your paper receipts to digital ones. Your business trip may be simple with most apps' ability to automate delivering those receipts to expense reports. The best receipt scanning software for you will rely on your needs and how and when you need to utilize it. You can decide which app is suitable for you by trying a couple of them.


What is the best free app to scan receipts?

Considering all the aspects, the Nanonets Receipt Scanner app is the best free app to scan receipts on the go. All the features like OCR, expense report generation, and receipt management are free in the mobile receipt app.

Can I scan receipts on my phone?

You can scan receipts on your phone using a free receipt scanner app like Nanonets. 

What is the easiest way to keep track receipts?

You can track receipts using efficient invoice management software. You can use Nanonets invoice processing platform or Nanonets Receipt & Expenses mobile app to track receipts.