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Augeo leverages Nanonets for Accounts Payable Automation on Salesforce


Reduction in Time Spent

4 hours to 30 minutes

Change in time spent per day in manual data entry


Number of invoices processed yearly

Financial Services
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Memphis, TN, USA

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Augeō provides outsourced accounting and consulting services exclusively on the Accounting Seed within the Salesforce platform. They serve as a virtual accounting department for various clients across the United States.

Founder and CEO, Ken Christiansen (ex-Finance Director at Kaiser Permanente), who has over 20 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, believes that accounting is more than just keystrokes, and the entire Augeō team uses creativity to solve challenges and train their clients to use the Accounting Seed.

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Something that would earlier take us 4 hours per day will now be done in less than 30 mins. It's a huge savings in time.

Ken Christiansen

The Challenge

- Accounting Seed on Salesforce does not currently provide an invoice scanning solution. (Ken hopes it does in the future, and that solution is theirs!) One of augeō’s clients, a non-profit organization, processes 3,000 vendor invoices each month.

- At the time, augeō didn’t have an OCR solution to assist their client. Their team was manually processing these 3,000 monthly invoices or batch uploading the invoices into Salesforce.

- Augeō needed an accounts payable automation tool to assist their client with this large batch of monthly invoices.

Our primary services is outsources accounting services. We modify Salesforce for our clients to build a solution that will end in effective accounting at the end. All of these softwares are touted as being automation friendly, but most of them don't have very much automation. After very exhaustive research, we came across Nanonets and it has been a great fit.

Ken Christiansen

The Solution

1. Nanonets provided a AI-driven data processing platform for augeō to automate their client’s accounts payable processes.

2. Nanonets trained the platform with several invoices and manually validated that the correct information was extracted from each invoice.

3. Nanonets’s integration with Salesforce made our technology the right choice for Augeō. Once the correct elements are extracted from the invoice, the data is uploaded directly into the Accounting Seed program. Once the data is stored in Salesforce, augeō performs additional data processing and workflows through the Accounting Seed platform.

4. Augeō experienced some challenges to extract the correct information from each invoice. They shared their concerns, and the team revised the AI to account for Augeō's special use cases.

The result

4 hours
Time Spent Daily
30 minutes
Time Spent Daily

The Result

The stripping of data by Nanonets technology has led to three significant savings for the client:  

1. Moving away from manually extracting data in excel sheets and keeping them organised is a life-saver for finance professionals who can focus on more important tasks.Invoice processing tasks which used to take Augeō 4 hours each day to complete, now requires only 30 minutes (88% reduction in time)

2. Real-time processing of invoices leads to faster payments and happier vendors.

3. The cost benefit from lower manual efforts will be passed on to customers and will help Augeo maintain a competitive pricing in their industry.

To learn more about Augeō and their work, check out Augeo

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The ease of integration with Salesforce was a key decision maker for us. Something that would earlier take us 4 hours per day will now be done in 30 mins. It’s a huge savings in time.

Ken Christiansen