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Take advantage of industry leading features - fraud prevention, duplicate alerts, automated GL mapping, and vendor management for your clients.

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Close your client's books with ease - we handle all types of payable and receivable documents in one place.

“Working with Nanonets has been super fluid. NanoNets helped us deploy the data capture workflow with Quickbooks in < 7 days from the contract signing date. This has directly impacted the finance team, who can now process 50% more invoices at the same time without hiring more people.”

M. Aflah

pt, solusi aplikasi (indonesia)

“We are impressed with the intelligence in the product when it comes to data extraction. This opens up for many new areas where we can help our customers, like detection of fraudWe have been having a tight and transparent dialogue with Nanonets. Our customers are very pleased with the product as well as the technical support we together with Nanonets have been able to provide.”

Per Defalva

Founder, DigitalEngine (Sweden), ex-CIO PwC Sweden

key features

Say goodbye to manual data entry.

The time you used to spend trying to find the right receipt, updating spreadsheets for clients, or going through 100+ GL codes? You’ve just won it back.

Match your customers in Quickbooks

Synchronize customer, vendor and account information in one click. Nanonets creates new vendors automatically in Quickbooks.

Post expense information from bills and invoices

Nanonets automatically adds line item level information in Quickbooks within seconds and matches supplier and GL codes.

Auto-create payment-ready bills in Quickbooks

Once invoices have been coded and approved in Nanonets, the integration will automatically create ready-to-send bills for payments.

When your business is your passion, don’t let data entry get in the way.

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Bookkeeping with Nanonets

Frequently Asked Questions

How to assign cost codes to an invoice?

You can easily set this up by uploading your GL code mapping file to our platform and Nanonets will do the rest.

How do I send invoices to Nanonets?

You can send invoices to Nanonets via email, API, upload as PDFs or images, or upload to cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. 

Can I send multiple invoices?

Yes, you can upload single invoices or a batch of invoices. 

How do I setup the quickbooks integration?
  1. Sign into and click on “invoice” card
  2. Click on the Quickbooks card in your Workflow
  3. Click on Sign in to Quickbooks
  4. Enter your QuickBooks credentials
  5. Back on the Nanonets Quickbooks card, map the Nanonets fields to the corresponding columns in Quickbooks.
    Eg: The Invoice_number captured in Nanonets should be populated under 'Invoice ID' in Quickbooks. To link these two entities, they need to be mapped in the Nanonets export modal.
  6. Select an Export Trigger:
    - The file can be exported as soon as it is processed OR
    - The file can be exported only if marked Approved
  7. Click on Done.

Now, you should be ready to review and automatically export files! 

Do I have to create templates for all vendors?

No. Nanonets AI can generalize over any new invoice format. You do not need to create templates. 

Can my team review the invoice data before it goes into quickbooks?

Yes, you can review the invoice in your document reviewer in Nanonets. 

Can I have an approval step before the invoices are sent to QB?

Yes, you can assign invoices for approvals in your team before sending them to QB. 

How do you notify my team about pending invoices?

Your team is notified via email. 

What if there's an exception?

When a rule fails or an exception is raised, the invoice is automatically flagged, and your team receives an email to resolve the issue before approving the file.

Does this work for all vendors?

Nanonets uses AI and hence is template agnostic. Nanonets AI can generalize over any vendor format, and hence can work for invoices for any vendor worldwide.