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Workflow Automation

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Build Workflows within minutes

Use natural language to create and run workflows that interact with all your apps and data.

Connect with your documents, apps and databases
Create workflows using natural language
Read information, write data, and perform actions in your apps and databases.

Seamless App Integrations

Connect your apps, databases and documents to create unified workflows that automate manual tasks.

Connects with your documents, apps and databases
Real time data sync between data sources
Create workflows that perform in-app tasks for you

Use AI within Workflows

Build and use custom LLMs to write texts, post responses and execute RAG workflows within apps.

Create a custom LLM using your data
Train on custom data sources - Emails, Support Tickets, Customer Databases and more
Create workflows and chatbots using custom LLMs

Human-in-Loop AI Workflows

Add human and automated approval / validation stages in your workflow to create more effective and accurate workflows.

Add approval stages
Add automated validation checks on data
Improve straight-through processing in workflows by training them on HIL data
Nanonets Workflows

Discover endless automation possibilities

gdpr, soc2, hipaa compliant

Data security is our top priority

Nanonets prioritises the confidentiality and integrity of your data. As a testament to our commitment, we adhere to stringent compliance standards, including GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA. Privacy Policy

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Automation stories straight from our

Dennis Elder

Director of Product, PayGround

“There was a visible difference in how the app worked, and we were able to appeal to our customers by making it easy to pay bills”

Kale Flaspohler

Financial Advisor, ProPartners Wealth

“We are seeing a major difference in accuracy, as Nanonets provides a >95% accuracy which has helped cut down our processing time by ~50%.”

Catherine Gallagher

Accounts Payable, SaltPay

“Nanonets' direct integration with SAP helped SaltPay automate a crucial part of their Accounts Payable process”

Luke Faulkner

Product Manager, Tapi

“Tapi has been able to save 70% on invoicing costs, improve customer experience by turnaround of seconds from >6hrs and free up staff members from tedious work”

Ryan Hess

Head of Accounts Payable, ACM

"I have built a relationship with Nanonets which is an important ideal of ACM and it feels now as if they are part of the family."

Expatrio uses Passport OCR

Tay Kim

Product Operations Manager, Expatrio

"A great product and amazing customer support. Their response time was amazing. They went an extra mile to figure a plan that helps us scale our business."

4.9 Rating on Capterra
Nanonets is a leader in OCR on G2
High performer on G2
Users Love Us on G2
4.9 Rating on GetApp

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