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Bank feeds and automated reconciliation, easy expense claim reimbursement, and online invoicing features are just the start; Xero is a premium accounting software solution for small businesses. The tool’s out-of-box robustness lays a strong foundation to support a multitude of business processes, but it’s the Xero Marketplace – full of Xero apps and integrations – that really sets the Xero platform apart. 

Both meant to improve the customer offerings and functionality of Xero, Xero integrations and apps alike are an important addition to any business’s technology stack. Though they serve a similar purpose, the Xero Marketplace differentiates between Xero apps and Xero integrations. Integrations are third-party applications that can connect to and partner with Xero while apps are add-ons built by the Xero developer team.

Building the right portfolio of Xero add-ons is a strategic business move that brings about many benefits. Automation capabilities, process optimization, heightened productivity, reduced workload, and streamlined collaboration are some of the most transformative changes Xero users experience with a thoughtful collection of Xero integrations and applications.

Top Apps & Integrations in Xero Marketplace



  • Insightly
  • HubSpot
  • Accelo

Time Tracking

  • ServiceM8
  • Xero Projects
  • Roll

Bills & Expenses

  • Airwallex
  • Stripe
  • WellyBox

Payroll HR

  • Gusto
  • Deputy
  • Tanda

Top Apps & Integrations in the Xero App Store Marketplace

If you’re not sure how to enhance the impact that Xero has on your organization, the Xero App Marketplace is a great place to start. The Xero Marketplace is the one-stop shop where you can comb through all Xero add-ons available. Whether you’re looking for Xero apps or Xero integrations with third-party platforms, the Xero Marketplace is a wealth of information.

Whether you want to connect a current business SaaS tool with Xero or add another platform to support a specific function, the Xero Marketplace makes it easy to search by industry, function, featured lists, and more. 


Regardless of industry or business size, most executives say that invoicing is one of the most time-consuming business activities in their organizations. With the right Xero add-ons, overly complex invoicing processes are a thing of the past. 


AP Automation and OCR Invoice Capture

Xero makes it possible to upload scans of invoices and receipts, but it’s not able to pull information from those records – unless it’s integrated with Nanonets. Nanonets’ Optical Character Recognition features make it possible for it to scrape the most important invoice data, input that into Xero, and automate the following AP steps. While invoice capture is a key element of this integration, the AP automation possibilities it unlocks are even more impressive.


Xero’s Leading AR App 

Pairing the accounting prowess of Xero with the accounts receivable support of Chaser, organizations can enjoy automated invoice chasing, enhanced cash flow forecasting, and shorter invoice payment timelines. These apps connect in less than 2 minutes and sync with each other every hour, ensuring you have updated information at hand when making decisions. 


Payment Approval in Seconds

By synchronizing approval processes, purchase orders, and invoices between ApprovalMax and Xero, you can establish approval workflow automation, enforce compliance, and prevent unauthorized spending. With this integration, you’ll gain greater visibility and transparency into financial transactions, reduce errors, and ensure regulatory compliance. 


Managing customer relationships is the key to driving business growth; with the right combo of CRM tools and Xero, one of the hardest aspects of business becomes intuitive and well-supported. For all your CRM needs, consider:

Insightly CRM

Data-Driven Decision-Making

With the Xero-Insightly CRM integration, businesses can track customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and generate real-time invoices in Insightly using Xero data. This key integration allows sales teams to better understand customer behavior while supporting the accounting team in monitoring sales forecasts and financial outcomes.


Visibility into the Customer Experience

Once the HubSpot-Xero integration is complete, you’ll be able to update customer information in Xero and trust that it’ll flow through error-free to HubSpot. You can even categorize contacts in HubSpot using Xero qualifiers, such as overdue invoices, 30 days outstanding, and customers who haven’t purchased anything in the last 12 months.


Managing Project-Based Contracts

With support for all aspects of client work delivery, Accelo makes it easy to track project progress and ensure your customers are getting what they paid for. With a two-way integration, customer information, invoice data, accounting rules, and bills are shared between the two systems automatically. 

Time Tracking

As the saying goes, time is money. With advanced time tracking tools, businesses can simplify the payroll process, ensure swift payments when working with contracted individuals, and forecast project completion rates with ease. 


Full Package for Trades and Services

Trades and service businesses need specific tools to support their business structure, and when ServiceM8 integrates with Xero, the perfect solution comes to life. Plumbers, electricians, home cleaning companies, and locksmiths can get help managing jobs all the way from the initial call to quoting, job documentation, invoicing, and payment.  Tax codes are imported from Xero to ServiceM8, data syncing happens regularly between the systems and payments received in either platform will be recorded in both applications.

Xero Projects

Xero App for Time Tracking 

As a native Xero application, Xero Projects is the perfect place to create work quotes, manage invoices, view project profitability, and have it all integrated into a single ledger in Xero. Paying employees based on their time worked and accurately tracking job expenses has never been easier. 


Project Workflow Management

Time tracking is more than just clocking in and transmitting information to payroll; ROLL turns capturing leads, quoting projects, tracking progress, and getting business performance insights into a business function that happens almost entirely in the background. Flexibility for fixed fee, time & materials, and retainer projects, the integration between ROLL and Xero is as customizable as they come.

Bills & Expenses

Don’t leave the Xero store without looking at all the bills & expenses Xero add-ons available. Expense management is one of the most detailed business tasks, but these Xero integrations can make a world of difference in the time it takes to manage expenses well.


Global Payment Support 

Airwallex is a preferred third-party application used by businesses to process payments online payments from 170+ countries in 50+ currencies without foreign transaction fees. Once integrated with Xero, Airwallex supports live bank feeds for a simple account reconciliation process and uses the custom Xero chart of accounts to track expenses and bills.


Secure Payments and Easy Reconciliation 

Stripe is one of the largest payment processing platforms on the market today. It allows business owners to accept payments from debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and online portals. As a payment comes through on Stripe, it automatically uploads to Xero, getting rid of manual payment reconciliation and creating a more secure payment ecosystem.


Visual Expense Management

If you’re looking for a tool that tracks and saves your expense receipts and Xero invoices in one, comprehensive expense management dashboard, look no further than WellyBox. One of the best Xero plugins, WellyBox gives you access to current and historical expense documents in no time at all. 

Payroll HR 

Payroll is one of the most important tasks a business regularly completes. The people that matter most – your employees – rely on accurate and timely payroll management. These Xero add-ons turn Payroll and other HR tasks into easy wins.


Xero’s Preferred Payroll Provider

When small businesses use Gusto, they spend 75% less time managing employee payroll, and adding Xero to the mix only amplifies those productivity wins. Automated payroll filings and built-in HIPAA, ACA, and ERISA compliance can be accessed through single sign-on with Xero. You heard that right – when you’re in Xero, you’ll be able to navigate to Gusto payroll reports and manage payroll alerts right from Xero HQ. 


Reduce Business Admin Hours

By linking Deputy's workforce management capabilities with Xero's powerful accounting platform, businesses can streamline payroll processing, ensure accuracy, and eliminate manual data entry errors. This integration enables efficient labor cost management, considers compliance with labor regulations, and empowers businesses to focus on strategic initiatives for growth. 


Meticulous Time Tracking and Automatic Data Sharing

Tanda meticulously compiles employee information, tracks hours, and computes pay rates accurately. With the Xero-Tanda integration, businesses can transfer detailed timesheets from Tanda into Xero directly, simplifying the payroll process for upcoming pay cycles.

How to Choose the Right Apps & Integrations?

The technology stack used within your organization directly impacts your business’s ability to serve customers, hit growth targets, and create best practices for internal projects. With the right combination of SaaS solutions and key integrations or add-ons, your team will see heightened productivity, develop long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, and shape the future strategic trajectory of your business. If you’re in the exploratory phase of adopting new tools, consider the following factors: 

  • Budget. What is feasible with the cash you have to spend? Even the best tools are useless if you can’t afford to support them.
  • Business needs. You won’t be able to add a long list of Xero plugins and integrations all at once, so you’ll have to really ask yourself, “What does my business need the most in this moment?”
  • Implementation. Some platforms are easier to implement than others; do you have the resources to integrate and support the new Xero apps you have your eye on?
  • Talk to the experts. Your accounting advisors, leadership peers, and industry thought leaders – talking to the right people can help provide clarity about how to achieve your goals, give you things to watch out for, and create a lasting support system for future endeavors.


Our Favorite Xero Integration? Nanonets

By this point, you’ve probably realized that when it comes to Xero integrations, the possibilities are endless. Not only are there tons of options in the Xero Marketplace already, but with the ability to build and upload custom integrations, the choices are ever-evolving. So, if you had to choose one Xero integration, we recommend Nanonets.

Nanonets is an AP automation platform at its core, but its features support accounts receivable, financial reporting, and even inventory management. With a robust set of capabilities for your organization to tap into, you’ll be ready for any challenge that comes your way.