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Eliminate manual approval bottlenecks with our approval workflow template. Give your team a clear idea of what needs to be approved, by when, and how so that no approvals get stuck in the pipeline for long.

About the Approval Workflow Template

Do your projects get delayed because one of the reviewers forgot to provide you required approvals?

It’s time to change this. Automate and enhance visibility into the entire approval process using an automated approval workflow template. Ensure all your stakeholders are updated about the incoming documents, improve accountability and drastically reduce the time to process your approvals.

How to use Nanonets Approval Workflow Template?

To use the Nanonets approval workflow template, log in to your Nanonets account or create a free account if you haven’t already.

Once logged in, you can add an approval workflow to your document OCR models.

  • To add approval workflow, go to WORKFLOW > Approvals
  • You’ll see a module where “General checks” and “Vendor verification” are different review stages.
  • Under every review stage, you can add the following
  • Review types
  • Reviewers
  • Rules to flag files
  • You can add the following conditions under the rules to flag files:
  • Is a valid date: Checks if the string is one of the accepted date formats
  • Is not a future date: Check if the date is after the current date
  • Content length: Checks the number of characters in a field
  • Is score >=: Checks confidence score is higher than the value specified
  • Match databases: Looks for a captured value in your database or ERP (2-way or 3-way matching)
  • Match to the field: Should match another area captured on the invoice
  • Python script: Create your own custom rule with Python

Approval workflow template on Nanonets
Approval workflow template on Nanonets

Benefits of using Nanonets Approval Workflow Template

Pending approvals can have ripple effects on project deadlines. As a business, you would want to streamline approval processes to accelerate project timelines and directly impact revenue.

With our approval workflow template you can

  • Set up automated approval process in minutes.
  • Improve financial accountability by showing approval statuses
  • Eliminate approval bottlenecks with intelligent automation

Why Nanonets for Approval Workflows?

Nanonets is an intelligent AI-based document automation software that allows you to automate document approval processes with no-code rule-based workflows.

Nanonets has a wide range of tools like automated workflows, document verification, 3-way matching, and OCR API along with service choices like personalized training, annotators, 24x7 support, and a free trial.

Intelligent Automation in a few clicks

Automate manual approval with no-code workflows.

24x7 Support

Get complete migration assistance, round-the-clock support, a dedicated customer success team, and more with Nanonets.

No-code platform

Integrate, automate and implement sophisticated AP automation without writing a single line of code.

Supercharge your Approval Workflows

Automate your approval workflows with a no-code intelligent automation platform. Optimize your business performance, save costs and boost growth with Nanonets.

Get in touch with our automation experts, or try creating an approval workflow yourself. Get started with the Nanonets approval workflow template.