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Document scanning is an imaging process that involves capturing and converting paper-based documents into digital formats like JPG, TIFF, and PDF using a scanning device. Scanning and indexing is an electronic process that makes document storage and search convenient.

After scanning, comes classification. The latter is an automated process of identifying the different types of official papers, such as purchase orders, forms, invoices, and receipts, and classifying them accordingly. Once classified, the documents are indexed. Document indexing identifies and tags scanned documents with specific search attributes for easy retrieval.

A documents indexing software makes digital documents search-ready by classifying and tagging documents with appropriate terms. To learn about the process of scanning and indexing documents and the utilities of document scanning and indexing software, keep reading!

Document scanning and indexing software: An overview

Any business or department within an organization that involves a lot of paperwork can leverage the benefits of scanning and indexing software solutions.

With Scan and index software, you can not only digitize paper-based documents but also upload them directly on the relevant platform. You can also send the digital copies as attachments via email.

Scanning and indexing documents platforms can simplify scanning and save a great deal of time and money that organizations otherwise spend towards handling paper-based document processes.

Scanning software with OCR (optical character recognition) can process and convert handwritten and printed copies and image files into machine-readable data.

An ideal document scanning software should allow the user to do the following:

  • Scanning and indexing documents
  • Converting files to machine-readable formats
  • Uploading converted documents directly to the relevant platform.
  • Saving the copies in multiple formats.
  • Keeping and managing previously converted (scanned) documents.

In a given commercial facility, information is available in different forms. These include - purchase and order numbers, SKUs, invoices, pro forma invoices, names of the vendors, price, line items, General Ledger codes, QR codes, barcodes and other business-related documents. A scanning and indexing software can differentiate between the different types of documents and classify/list them categorically accurately. The software also helps understand the difference between merchants and related documents, ensuring correct listing. With scanning and indexing software, scanning, classification, and indexing can be greatly optimized.

How can businesses benefit from documents indexing software?

Going paperless and incorporating modern technologies are the first steps towards digital transformation. And document scanning and indexing software mark the beginning of digitization. Top-end scanning and documents indexing software can help a business in the following ways:

  • Reduce the cost of storing paper-based documents
  • Convert and classify paper-based copies to digital formats to facilitate quick information retrieval and usage
  • Introduce automation in the workflow by organizing digital documents intuitively
  • Control/monitor access to confidential documents
  • Channel the scanned copies to the designated business process or unit
  • Make sharing and collaboration hassle-free
  • Derive important data for automating critical tasks
  • Facilitate/automate document classification

Now that you know the key benefits of scanning and indexing software, let's take a look at the top software available in the market.

Top document scanning and indexing software

Here is a list of the top ten scanning and indexing software.

  • Laserfiche: Laserfiche is an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPA (Business Process Automation) platform. This scanning and indexing software captures, classifies, and makes information easy to search. Plus, it helps with seamless document management, data centralization, collaboration, and automating business processes.

  • IntSig OCR: IntSig OCR features the following applications/solutions:

    • CamScanner API/SDK
    • CamCard API/SDK
    • Global ID recognition
    • Bank Card recognition
    • Full-text recognition & Image enhancement solution
    • Invoice recognition solution
  • Pocket Scanner: Pocket Scanner is a dependable scanning and indexing software that scans, edits, reviews, and manages various documents. Its key features include the following:

    • Performs JPEG scans
    • Real-time edge detection
    • In-built document reader
    • Fast scanning
    • Efficient file management
    • Advanced image editing options
    • Add text to images
    • Batch processing
  • FineReader: FineReader is a comprehensive PDF and OCR application. It comes with easy-to-use tools that help convert PDFs, images, and papers with the highest precision in seconds. You can integrate this AI-based software into your business to simplify your business processes. If you are looking for all-in-one scanning and indexing software, this is for you.

  • PaperSave: PaperSave is an efficient DMS (document management solution) tool that provides seamless document management through automated workflow for various host solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, Blackbaud solutions, etc. This scan and index software allows you to track, manage, and secure your official documents in the best possible way.

  • GoFileRoom: GoFileRoom is a cloud-based scan and index software that facilitates electronic document storage and management while automating scanning and workflow.

  • PaperScan: PaperScan Scanner Software is a TWAIN and WIA scanner that comes equipped with OCR. This scanning and indexing software makes document retrieval easy for the users.

  • Scan+Share: Scan anything, share with anyone and any time with Scan+Share. This cloud-based scan and index software makes documentation easy and hassle-free.

  • Scandoc: This free-to-use document scanning and indexing software allows you to scan documents and convert images into scanned PDF files.

  • CCScan: CCScan is a cloud-based, easy-to-use document scanning and indexing software. It captures, converts, and manages documents impeccably.