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Are you tired of copying & retyping text from PDF to turn PDF into editable text? There is a better way of converting PDF to text without paying the fees for a PDF editor.

Nanonets’ pdf-to-text converter tool allows you to extract text from PDFs in seconds. Let’s see how you can use it easily.

How Do I Convert a PDF to Text?

Let’s see how to convert PDF to text using Nanonets.

  1. Go to Nanonets’ pdf to text tool.
  2. Upload your PDF files or simply drag and drop PDF files into the tool.
  3. Let the tool work on converting your PDF to text in seconds.
  4. The tool will automatically download text files on your computer.

Are there any limitations to Nanonets PDF to text tool?

Nanonets’ PDF-to-text tool is completely free to use. You can convert as many PDFs as you want using the tool. However, it comes with limitations; you can start a free trial to remove these limitations:

  • Bulk upload PDF files in seconds
  • Automatically upload files from Drive, Gmail, or desktop
  • Upload the extracted data into databases, sheets, drives or software of your choice
  • Use automated workflows to perform data enhancement, data enrichment, and data formatting.

Is it safe to use Nanonets PDF to text converter?

Yes, Nanonets PDF-to-text converter is completely safe to use. We do not store your data or trade your data in any way. You can check our privacy policy for the same.

Nanonets - Automated PDF processing platform

Nanonets is an AI-based OCR software with workflow automation. We aim to simplify and simplify PDF processing while automating repetitive processes.

Nanonets can automate PDF processing processes like data extraction from PDF, document upload, editing metadata, split PDF pages, rearranging PDF pages, zonal OCR, and more.

Nanonets can work with more document types and support the following use cases and more:

Do you want to automate any PDF processes in your organization? We would love to understand your issues and help you rectify them quickly. Book a free consultation call with our automation experts.

Or you can explore Nanonets by starting a free trial. No credit card is required.

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What is the easiest way to convert PDF to text?

The easiest way to convert PDF to text is to use an online PDF-to-text converter. You can choose from a plethora of options. You can use Nanonets PDF to text tool to convert your PDF into editable text in 3 simple steps. 

How to convert PDF to text for free?

You can use Nanonets PDF to-text tool to convert PDF files for free. You don’t have to signup, download any software or pay any fees to convert your PDF files on our tool page.